Heart Chakra

Your Love Chakra is located around your heart, also known as the 4th Chakra.
Chakras are invisible energies that run up through the body. We experience them through our life experience.

The way you experience Love will determine the state of health or dis-ease of your 4th Chakra.

This Chakra is all about the circulation and expression of Love energy. It starts in your heart and through your blood circulates through your whole body. It just shows how important love is to the health of your whole being.

When your Love Chakra is healthy you are able to express and share love with yourself and other people. You are also able to receive the nourishment of love and by letting yourself be loved. Your body has excellent circulation and you radiate a special glow.

When your Love Chakra is clogged you can feel isolated and starving for affection. You can feel empty with low energy. Your skin can show signs of poor circulation. You can also feel fear about letting people in.

Here are some questions to explore your Love Chakra:

* Do you love yourself?

* What do you love about yourself?

* What don’t you love about yourself?

* How do you express love with other people?

The way you answer these questions will give you a good idea as to how your Love Chakra is flowing.

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