Iconic Trait

'Express your Iconic Trait'. Laüra Hollick photographed by Kevin Thom. Makeup by Robin Wright.

Living your Iconic Trait is about being the full embodiment of your Spirit on Earth.
It is about creating your entire life as a work of art.

With the recent death of Elizabeth Taylor I was reflecting on her life and celebrating the power of this woman. She lived a life that was uniquely hers. She lived her Iconic Trait, she embodied her spirit, she lived her life as art, she was a Soul Artist.

I believe the true desire deep in the heart of all of us is to be the living embodiment of our Spirit on Earth. When we fully embody our spirit we naturally exude our Iconic Trait and every day becomes the unfolding of our own masterpiece.

Connecting with your Iconic Trait starts with connecting with your spirit.

Here are 8 Tips for Living Your Iconic Trait and Being a Soul Artist

1. Recognize yourself as the final authority on your life.

2. Place a high value on your unique creative spirit.

3. Take exquisite care of yourself.

4. Trust yourself enough to know what wants to flow through you is beautiful.

5. See yourself as part of an ecosystem, and know what is unique about you is an essential part of the ecosystem.

6. Start noticing what is extraordinary in others. The more you see it in others the more you’ll be able to see it in yourself.

7. Strengthen your courage and share your deepest Self with the World.

8. Be who you dream of being.

What are some other tips you could share to help people live their Iconic Trait and be a Soul Artist?

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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