Soul Art sessions with Laüra Hollick

To activate something in you life, you need to see it on some level. Once you’ve seen it, it can become manifest in your life.

Soul Art is an innovative process that uses creativity as a way to access spiritual vision. When you access spiritual vision you see what your spirit wants for you, which is always wonderful!
Once you’ve seen what your spirit wants for you, you are able to manifest it in your life. It is a powerful manifesting tool as well as healing tool. Each Soul Art creation holds a map to your Higher Self.

I discovered Soul Art through my own healing journey.
When I felt isolated and alone, I created Soul Art to see myself as a valued member of the tribe.
When I had acne, I created Soul Art so I could see the vision of myself as a healthy beautiful person.
When I wanted to leave my job at Canada Post, I created Soul Art so I could see myself as a business woman.
When I wanted to make more money, I created Soul Art so I could see myself as someone who made more money.

Every time I want to experience a transformation in my life I create Soul Art to activate that experience.

Creating Soul Art is a ritual to grow your spirit on earth.

I’ve included some questions for you to help you clarify what you want and begin your activation process:

1. How would you describe your current life experience?
2. What is working and what isn’t working in your life?
3. What do you want to experience in your life?
4. What kind of person do you believe you need to be in order to live the life you want?
5. What is the transformation you are seeking in your life now?

To take this all the way and fully activate your Soul’s Purpose on Earth, I invite you to sign up for the Free Preview call on Tuesday March 22nd. I will be teaching the 3 Transformational Secrets Bodymapping Uncovers.

I will also be giving away one Scholarship for the Soul Art Certification Program on this call, a $2,500 value!

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Soul Art Certification

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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