If you want to make money as a Creative Spiritual person this video is MUST for you.

3 Steps to Making Money as a Creative Spiritual Person

1. Foundation

If you want to make money as a Creative Spiritual Person you must have a solid inner foundation.  Your inner foundation is about your connection with your creative spirit.  Without this, you’ll feel lost, frustrated and you’ll feel like your efforts to make money are not working.  You can strengthen your inner foundation through creative expression, journalling, meditation, and anything that allows you to hear your inner voice.
I personally recommend the Creativity Cleanse to build a solid inner foundation.

2. Structure Offers

Your solid foundation gives you the platform to start developing your business structures and offers. This is where you give tangible form to your unique creative spirit essence and package it in ways that can be shared and presented to others.

3. Connect with People

When you have a solid inner foundation and clear structures for offering your unique gifts with the world you are ready to connect with people and make your offers. This is where money comes into the picture. Money comes when you circulate your energy with people.  The most important piece for this step is to be clear about who you are and the people you want to connect with. Money lives in the connection and circulation of energy.

Strengthen your foundation with a 21 Day Creativity Cleanse.

Creativity Cleanse

I have just completed Day 7 of my 21 Day Creativity Cleanse.

Here are some examples of what I’ve been doing during the first week of my Creativity Cleanse…
Creativity Cleanse Day 3
Creativity Cleanse Day 3, watercolor journal sketches.

Creativity Cleanse Day 7
Creativity Cleanse Day 6, watercolor stencil patterns.

Creativity Cleanse Day 7
Creativity Cleanse Day 7, Rainbow Meditation. Laüra Hollick in painted rainbow circle with photo by Kevin Thom.


Start your 21 Day Creativity Cleanse today!

Creativity Cleanse

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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