Butterflies offer business advice if you listen to them.
It is no longer business as usual.

We are in a magical time in human history where we can consciously create the life and career we imagine.

Here are 5 thought provoking questions to open up the magic in your life:

1. What makes you giggle with mischief?
2. What do you secretly enjoy and get great pleasure from?
3. How do you think you are supposed to behave in your life and business?
4. How would you love to be in your life and business?
5. When you feel free and open how do you express yourself?

The way you answer these questions will give you clues for creating your enchanted life.

If you want to dive in deeper to create your own magical life and business,
learn how to Create Yourself
Create Yourself

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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