It all starts with an idea!

My ideas usually come to me while I’m hiking in the forest. Once I have an idea, I start playing with it to figure out how I can turn it into reality. Here is one of the initial sketches for the Rainbow Tree photoshoot.

Rainbow Tree

As the seasons are changing from Fall to Winter the landscape in the forest is quite mono-tone. I thought it would look so beautiful to have a tree glowing with rainbow amongst all the other sleeping trees.

To bring the Rainbow Tree image to life I gathered my team and we started to work on the  idea.

I worked with Sue Upton to do my hair and makeup with rainbow accents.

Rainbow Makeup on soul artist Laüra Hollick by Sue Upton.

My hair was braided with the same wool and fabrics that were used to wrap the tree.

I worked with photographer Kevin Thom to bring the image to life.

The location for the Rainbow Tree was a bit of a hike in from the road so we used a cart to bring loads of fabric, the ladder and camera equipment to the location.

kevin thom

Then we went to work!

It took over 3 hours to wrap the trees. Once everything was wrapped I changed into my Rainbow dress and we snapped the shot. I always giggle at how fast the photo is compared to the hours that go into making that moment happen.  Kevin studied the composition while I was wrapping the trees so it was easy to put me in position and get the shot.

Here is the final image of the Rainbow Tree.

Rainbow Tree with artist Laüra Hollick and photographer Kevin Thom.

Rainbow Trees, Laüra Hollick. Photographed by Kevin Thom.


Click to watch the video of the making the Rainbow Trees.



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