I’ve been passionately working away on the Knowledge Dress made of CDs.

While surrounded by a pile of CDs I realized all the great leaders, mentors and coaches featured in the dress have something in common…

they all express their unique creativity!

The Knowledge Dress is my way to celebrate and honor all the creative visionaries who have courageously followed their unique path and inspire us to do the same. The world wants your uniqueness!

If you want to create wild success based on your own unique expression you must discover, develop and express yourself.

I created the 21 Day Creativity Cleanse to guide you to unleash your unique creative expression and wild success!

Creativity Cleanse

Start your 21 Day Creativity Cleanse today!

Here are all the Creative Visionaries, leaders, mentors and celebrities featured in the Knowledge Dress of CDs:


Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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