I started my journey as an artist and evolved into an entrepreneur. Along that path money became a familiar and sometimes unfamiliar friend.

One day I remember sitting on a rock in the forest thinking about money and wondering if money made a person wealthy?

In a culture where things cost money and so much focus is on wealth it is an important question to explore…

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On the path to creating your dreams money will surely come up.   If you’re like most of us you may need some help de-tangling your beliefs about money so you can experience true wealth.

For help empowering your money experience check out my MONEY CLEANSE for Creative Spiritual Entrepreneurs

As you empower your relationship with money you uncover your true experience of wealth.

Here are some of the things that make me feel truly wealthy:

-Being in nature
-Creating in my studio
-Going to a fabric store and seeing all the colors and textures
-Flipping through magazines and getting a million ideas
-Laughing with close friends
-Eating a glorious rainbow salad
-Seeing something beautiful
-Having an insight that expands my awareness

What makes you feel truly wealthy?

*Post your thoughts about what makes you feel wealthy*

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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