O we are so close!

The Global Vision Quest goes live on October 4th. You can sign up here.

This epic project has been in the works for close to 9 months.  I feel like I’m about to give birth!

During this live virtual event there will be interviews with nü paradigm ICONS to inspire you, wildly creative photoshoots to make your jaw drop with awe and a guided Vision Quest for you to get a vision of your own Iconic Essence.

It has been a creative storm here at Soul Art Studio to prepare all this inspiration for you!

I wanted to share some behind the scenes shots of the Global Vision Quest in the making…

Kevin Thom is the brilliant photographer behind all the video and photos you’ll see in GVQ.

In the summer I had a big shopping trip in Toronto where I bought heaps of fabric for all the costumes that you’ll see in GVQ. I worked closely with designer Lissa Hill to bring all my costume visions to life.

Global Vision Quest

nü ICONS from all over the world are featured in The Global Vision Quest including Deborah Skye King, Christina Morassi, Maria Andros, Rainbeau Mars, Jonathan Budd, Shanda Sumpter, Shakaya Leone, Karen Knowler, Renee Airya and many more leading edge beings.


Sue Upton is the wildly creative makeup artist that helped transform every scene into pure magic.

Global Vision Quest

Soul Art Studio is the set for all the GVQ interviews. nü ICONS flew in from around the world for their interview and photoshoot.


Global Vision Quest

We worked in the studio as well as outdoors on location in some of the most magnificent areas in Canada.


Global Vision Quest

One of my favorite parts of this project was the experience of meeting ‘Whisper’ the white horse. During the summer I took riding lessons so I would be ready to ride bareback for a scene in the Global Vision Quest mini-movie.

Stay tuned to see Whisper and all the nü ICONs in The Global Vision Quest. We go live October 4th!

You can sign up now to make sure you don’t miss a single second of this bountiful magic.

Global Vision Quest

I am bursting with anticipation. I can’t wait to share this with you!

Watch for a very special announcement going out on October 4th.

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