This is a guest blog post created by stone painter Sandi Pike Foundas for the Global Vision Quest.

Global Vision Quest stone

Global Vision Quest Painted Stone created by Sandi Pike Foundas

The energy that came forth as I began working on this sea stone was amazing.

There was a great sense of peaceful calm. In truth….time seemed to stand quite still.

The design began to flow effortlessly and continued that way from beginning to end. For many hours over the past few days I have happily been in a state of creative bliss!

I envision the Global Vision Quest as a wonderful Awakening across the planet.

A stirring of vibrational energy from so many creative spirits here. From the edges of the world this ‘circle of creative energy’ is flowing…swirling…further awakening the collective, creative consciousness, bringing forth more and more creative ideas. And with this…bringing a greater sense of well-being to all those living on the planet. Something is happening here…you can feel it within. And it feels good.

The elements in this Global Vision Quest Stone first came through as swirling, fiery energy in spirals of red, orange and yellow. Then, loving hearts connecting that powerful force, and evolving into ever-expanding loving energy of green, blue and indigo. Nature is such an important part of all that is happening now, and this is represented in the flowers and vines throughout. This awakening energy continues to evolve into the four violet color hearts (representing the “four corners of the world” ) connecting in a circle… with the spiral force, once again, in the center, growing and expanding, as this Awakened creative-consciousness continues on and on without end.

How interesting that Laura’s amazing Global Art Piece which feels like a “Rainbow Ocean” then leads to another Global Vision piece of art upon a stone that comes FROM the ocean…in a full rainbow spectrum. Laura’s work beginning with a spiral and leading outward… and this piece coming together from the outer edges of the stone and ending in yet another spiral at the center…Each piece of art created separately with no knowledge of the other.

It has brought me great joy to create this Global Vision Quest Stone.

I hope it will bring you joy as well.

Guest blog post from Sandi Pike Foundas

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