Fear is the biggest barrier to creating the life and career of your dreams.

It is like a cage that imprisons you with small thinking and narrow choices. Fear creates doubt and makes you question your value and worth. It convinces you to play small to keep yourself safe.

I know this because fear held me back for many years (without even realizing it!). It can be a sneaky thing that shows up as logical solutions and simple ‘shoulds’ or it can show up more blatantly as pure paralysis!

If you truly want a thriving Iconic life  you absolutely must learn how to transform your fears! Otherwise you will forever be living just below the radar of your potential. Yuck!

Watch this video where I share 5 simple steps to transform your fears so you can follow your heart and make money.


Learning how to transform your fears is just one of the modules I’ll be covering in the upcoming ‘Follow your Heart & Make Money’ Coach Certification program.

One of the richest life experiences I’ve had is linking the deep gifts within my heart with the world through my career. I would love to teach you how to do this and empower you to guide others to do the same.



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