When you find yourself looping in old stories and playing out the same life experiences again and again it is time to turn your life around and get a fresh nü perspective!


How you’ll know it is time to turn your life around…

You’ll probably be experiencing one or more of these things:
-irritated by little things
-angry for no reason
-not getting the results you want
-feeling lazy or unmotivated
-no balance between work and relaxation
-comparing yourself with others with a judgmental measuring stick
-simply not satisfied with the way things are going!

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you would benefit greatly from turning your life around and aligning yourself with a life you want!

Here are 3 Simple Steps to turn your life so you can experience the life you desire

1. Be Honest Now

If you want anything to change in your life you need to first identify where you are. The more raw and honest you can be with your current life experience the more empowered you will be to turn your life around and create the life you desire. It is like getting directions on your GPS, it will always determine where you are first. Be honest now and you’ll have a clear starting point for your dream life.
Here are some questions to help you get honest now:

1) How would you describe your current life experience?
2) What are you feeling in your body?
3) What are your most dominant thoughts?
4) How did you get here? Describe the life choices that led to your current experience.


2. Dream Destination

Once you know where you with raw honesty you are ready to determine where you want to go. Often things we don’t like clarify what we do want. If your current life experience has things that you don’t like, celebrate that, it is helping to clarify your dream life!

For example if your current life experience includes working a job you don’t like and having barely enough money to do what you want you could clarify that you want a job that nourishes you and creates more money than you need so you feel relaxed and inspired.

Here are some questions to help you design your dream destination:

1) Based on your current life experience what are you realizing you do want?
2) If money were no object how would you love to do?
3) What would you like to feel in your body?
4) What would you like to be thinking about?
5) Describe the life experience you would love to have. This is your dream destination.


3. Get a nü perspective!

Once you’ve clarified your dream destination you are ready to get a fresh nü perspective to help make it a reality.
A nü perspective empowers you to see your life in a nü way so you can make empowered choices along the path that will lead you directly to your dream destination.

Here are some questions to help you get a nü perspective:

1)Imagine you ARE in your dream destination, what advice would you give to your current self?
2) How could you view your current life in a nü way that brings you closer to your dream life?
3) What is one thing you can do in your current life from your nü perspective?


I’d love to hear about any other practices, rituals, questions or things you do to Turn your life around so you can live your dreams!
*Share your thoughts in the space below

Photo credit: Upside down Laüra Hollick photo by Kevin Thom

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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