Your right and left brain each have an important role to play in making your dreams reality.

When they work together magic happens!

Often people favor one side of their brain and as a result become a bit lop-sided and wonder why their life isn’t taking off.

Super creative people can spend all their time imagining and super practical people can spend all their time checking things off their ‘to do’ list.  Both are important but only when there is balance between the two sides will you see real results in your life.

As a highly creative person it is important for me to keep my right brain balanced with my left brain otherwise I could easily stay in dream land.  But I’ve also had times in my life where I was so highly productive that I forgot about the fun.  Either way it is important to find your own unique balance between your right and left brain so you can experience the quality of life you desire.

Watch today’s video to learn how to unite your left and right brain so you can follow your heart and make money.


Empowering your right and left brain so they work together is an art and a science.  This is just one of the revolutionary modules we’ll be covering in the ‘Follow Your Heart & Make Money’ Coach Certification Program.

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