Renate is a Space Artist specializing in the medium of Stained Glass.

Like many Creative Spiritual Entrepreneurs Renate has many gifts and interests in seemingly opposite directions. Space and Art are the main ones.

In the beginning she wondered if her multiple interests could fit into a business model.

Renate has successfully found a way to merge her passions with the practicality of business by launching her very own Space Art workshop! In these magical workshops Renate guides and inspires people to connect with the mystery of space through art.

Hear Renate describe the transformations she has experienced while working together….


“I’ve worked with Laüra Hollick in both the Create Yourself program and the Nu Icon Mentorship, and found both experiences to be incredibly valuable. Laura’s guidance is both profound and practical – a perfect combination for anyone seeking business guidance that comes from a place of compassion, truth and passion.

Laura helped me to clarify the larger picture of my interests, my business model and my audience. Since working with Laura, I have clarified my business model, developed and launched a space art workshop, started writing a newspaper column about space art, and have developed a system for effective online marketing that feels incredibly authentic. Laüra Hollick is my secret space art propulsion! If you are looking to clarify or successfully launch a project, a business, or the best version of yourself, I highly recommend working with Laura.” -Renate Pohl

Check out Renate’s work at :

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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