My studio has officially transformed into a full-blown Soul Art Ritual Installation and you’re in it!

The 4 Sacred Soul Art Rituals are activating energy in ways that are beyond my wildest dreams. I’m feeling it and I’ve been receiving all your beautiful messages about how your life is being transformed by them as well. Awesome!

To celebrate and deepen the transformations for everyone I created a Soul Art Ritual Installation with your energy in it.

Watch and see how you’re part of my Soul Art Ritual…


Go all the way with your creative spiritual journey!

Transform into your next level of expression, healing, intuitive channeling and shamanic mastery with the 2013 Soul Art Certification.

There are 4 levels to the Soul Art Certification program:

Soul Art Level 1: Bodymapping

Soul Art Level 2: Chakras

Soul Art Level 3: Intuition & Spirit Guides

Master Level: Soul Art Shaman


Become a Certified Soul Art Guide this summer!


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Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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