Have you ever wondered why some people have creativity pouring out of them and others not so much.   If you’ve ever wondered where creativity comes from and how you can get more you’re in the right place.



Where does Creativity come from?

Creative energy is life-force energy.  We all exist because of a creative act (wink).

Creativity is a natural life current, just like breathing and the blood circulation.

Everyone breathes uniquely according to their level of activity and the strength of their lungs. Creativity is similar, everyone flows their creativity uniquely to their level of creative activity and the strength of their creativity muscles.

When creativity is not flowing it is a result of one of two things:

1) There is an obstruction to the natural flow.

2) The creativity muscles are weak.

If you want to develop more creativity in your life it will be a blend of clearing the blocks and strengthening your creativity muscles.


10 Ways to Be More Creative

1. Honor Your Ideas

When you get a flash of an idea do you honor it and celebrate it or do you forget about it 2 minutes later because something has distracted you?  To honor your ideas means you acknowledge them, write them down, think about them and let them play in your awareness for as long as you like.  When you honor your ideas your creativity muscles learn to trust you because they feel respected.


2. Allow time and space

In order for anything to develop there needs to be time and space for it. Do you make time for creativity? Do you have a space in your home to express yourself creatively? A daily journal is a great place to start carving out time and space to be with your creative energy and play with ideas and unwind thoughts and feelings.


3. Get intimate with inspiration

Inspiration is the same vibration as creativity. The more intimate you become with the feeling of inspiration the more familiar you will be with the energy of creativity. Make a list of all the things that inspire you and feel what it feels like to be inspired. The more inspired you are the more creative you will be.


4. Trust yourself

Creativity requires trust. Without trust there is no creativity, there is no willingness to express, there is no acceptance of the unknown. Creativity forces us to stretch into the unknown and experience new things. To expand your creativity practice expanding your trust. Where in your life do you trust? Where in your life don’t you trust? How can you start to trust more?


5. Surround yourself with sparks

If you want to be more creative surround yourself with things that spark your creativity. I love scrolling through Pinterest to spark ideas. What sparks your creativity? How can you include your creativity sparks in your daily life?


6. Make it a practice

When you do something once you can say you did it. When you do something a few times you may become average at it. When you do something consistently you can master it. If you want to develop you creativity you need to develop a practice so you can refine your expression and develop the awareness that only comes through experience.  Do you currently have a creativity practice? Do you need to develop a creativity practice?


7. Cherish your dreams

Your waking dreams and desires are clues about the life you are born for. When you cherish your dreams and make them a priority in your life you activate creative energy.  Your dreams and desires call in the life-force energy required to realize your dreams.  Do you cherish your dreams? Do you deem them silly or impossible?  What would it take to believe in your dreams and begin to cherish them?


8. Respect your nudges

When you feel a nudge to do something or say something do you act on it or question it?  The more you respect your nudges and act without question the more you’ll naturally flow with your creativity. Creativity doesn’t always make sense but it is always flowing if you allow yourself to move with the current.


9. Act on your intuition

Intuition is a knowing without proof. When you act on your intuition you expand your creativity exponentially!  Acting on your intuition is proof of trust. Where in your life do you act on your intuition? Where do you want to develop more intuitive action in your life?


10. Let go of perfection

Creativity has it’s own perfection, but it doesn’t mean it will always look pretty or produce the results you want. In order to allow creativity to flow freely you must release the demands on it to turn out a certain way. Once you free yourself from the perfection limitation you open yourself to the true potential of what you can be and what you can express beyond your contrived perception.  Where in your life do you need to let go of the need for perfection?


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