The August Soul Art Cover features a Wise White-haired Moon Being I’ll be playing in a movie I’m filming this summer.

Yes, I’m making a movie!


This is my most creative, ambitious project to date!

I feel like I’ve been gathering the pieces to make this happen for over 10 years.  I’m finally ready, the vision is crystal clear and I have the most incredible team of brilliant people to help realize the vision.

We’re filming this summer and the movie will be ready in October 2013.

To give you some hints about the movie, I’ve made a list of words and phrases to help you feel into the flavor of this nü movie:

  • Wildly Creative
  • Stunning Beauty
  • Epic Nature
  • Magical Muses
  • Innovative Flow
  • Shamanic Shifts
  • Total Transformation
  • Pure Inspiration
  • You, the audience, are one of the main characters in the movie!

7 nü Icons are flying in from around the world to be part of this epic creation.

A nü Icon is someone who is fully embodying their unique expression and they are thriving in the world as a result of being themselves.

Can you guess who the nü Icons in the movie will be?

Share your guesses below!



Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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