My trip to the Rainforest in Tofino, British Columbia restored my balance and opened the whale songs in my heart.


I didn’t know I was going to do this, but it happened….I ended up taking a 10 day hiatus from the computer and technology while immersing myself in the Rainforest environment.  I didn’t know how much I needed to do that. As much as I love the power of the computer and all it has enabled for creative spirits like me, I realize I need to tune out so I can tune in.  Throughout my 10 day Rainforest adventure I was able to integrate things from the past 6 months and open space for the next level of creation that wants to birth through.



Something happens when all you can hear is the sound of nature. A deeper resonance and presence emerges.



While hiking through the dense ancient Rainforest there was a moist quality to the air that hydrated my whole being. The Grandfather trees stood tall teaming with life. The whole forest is an invitation to drop into a deeper space.



It felt so good to go barefoot everyday! I could feel my energy merging with the earth.



I traveled with my creative soul mate Kevin Thom.  We enjoyed resting, reconnecting, recharging and gathering ideas for upcoming projects. Of course we did a few creative photo shoots as well (I’ll share those later!). Kevin is also the photographer of all the images in this post, including this one of the two of us, he managed to set up the timer on his camera and perch it on the log.



We stayed at a beautiful place called The Cabins in Ucluelet. Here’s a shot of our common area that overlooks the ancient trees and the Pacific Ocean. It was so soothing to stay in this gorgeous place. We were able to wake up naturally to the sound of the ocean waving in and eagles announcing the day. In the evening it was so soothing to relax with the fire going.



It felt like walking into a Totem Pole when visiting Roy Henry Vickers Gallery. I’ve always been inspired by Native Art. I studied and wrote about Native Art and Artists many times during my 5 year weekly Art Column for View Magazine. Much of my own Shamanic understanding comes from connecting with their art.



All in all it was an amazing trip! My original plan was to see the whales. Even though we never saw any whales physically, I felt their presence and heard their song as I tuned in deeper layers of my own heart space.

My deepest resonance at this moment is total gratitude and appreciation for Nature. Thank you Mother Earth for all your beauty and splendor!

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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