Creating a business plan that matches your Iconic Essence is an art and a science.

I used to feel so intimidated by the idea of making a business plan, because I didn’t think I knew anything about business. But then I realized I just needed to make a plan that made sense to me, and spoke my language.

Now I love making business plans and my business continues to create multi-6 figures year after year. I wouldn’t have believed this was possible during my struggling artist days.

When you’re a creative spirit who thinks about things differently, you need a business plan that makes sense to you so you can actually use it

Learn how to create a business plan that matches your Iconic Essence…

The first step to creating a business plan that matches your Iconic Essence is knowing who you are, what inspires you, and knowing what kind of life and career you actually want.

In the nü Icon Movie you’re guided on a vision quest to discover your Iconic Essence.

Once you make a connection with your Iconic Essence, you are in a powerful position to transform your dreams into reality. This is where your own unique business plan becomes invaluable.

If you’re a creative spiritual entrepreneur and you want to create your own thriving life and career being yourself, join me in this year’s nü Icon Program and let’s map out the life and business of your dreams and let’s make it reality!

Join me in this years  nü Icon Program and transform your Iconic Essence into your thriving career.

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Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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