With the nü Icon Movie in full swing I’ve been swept into a river of pure inspiration.

The whole process of creating the movie and the process of sharing the movie is all art to me. As I’ve been riding the waves of this experience I found a video I created a couple of years ago called ‘Being Art’.

The ‘Being Art’ video is a behind the scenes conversation about creating myself as art.



It is fascinating to see this video now that the movie is out because the whole purpose of the nü Icon Movie is to guide people through a Vision Quest to discover their Iconic Essence. When you discover your Iconic Essence, you tap into what inspires you. When you tap into what inspires you, everything you do becomes an expression of your inspiration. When everything is an expression of your inspiration, everything becomes art!

To me, the Icons of our nü world are people who are creating themselves. nü Icons are ‘Being Art’.

I decided to pull this ‘Being Art’ video out of the vaults for the budding nü Icons, the Muses, the Priestesses, the Shamans, the Artists, the Deep Thinker, the Beauty-Lovers and the ones who know in their hearts they are meant to create their life in their own design for the sheer joy of it!


Purple Mohawk Burst 1

It’s time to create yourself and become the artist of your life and career!

Share the magic, inspire your friends to think about their life as art!

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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