Laüra Hollick | My Hot Air Balloon Adventure

My Hot Air Balloon Adventure

November 7, 2015

It had been a dream of mine since I was 10 years old, when I first saw the colored shapes dancing in the sky.  I grew up near a park where the Hot Air Balloons used to take off from. During the summer months of my childhood my family would eat dinner outside and watch in awe as the Hot Air Balloons would lift off above our heads. The passengers used to wave to us while we were eating. For years I thought to myself, “I’m going to go up in one of those one day.”

Then I thought “What am I waiting for?!”

As a ritual to celebrate the release of last years nü Icon Movie I decided I would realize this childhood dream. It seemed like the perfect way to honor the magic of the movie and enter a whole nü reality traveling in nü Icon style.

You can watch my Hot Air Balloon adventure here…

Now that we’re about to launch our 4th year of the nü Icon Movie I was reminded of the magic of this Hot Air Balloon adventure and how perfectly it fits the feeling of the Movie.

The nü Icon Movie is all about going on a magical adventure, a Vision Quest, to discover your Iconic Essence. It is about connecting with the innocence of your childhood dreams and understanding how they are relevant to your life today and the future of our planet.


Here’s a sketch I did to dream into the Hot Air Balloon experience.  The reality of the experience was even more magical then I imagined.



The nü Icon Movie is a Vision Quest into the heart of your Iconic Essence!

Did you recognize the music in my Hot Air Balloon video? It was the theme music from the nü Icon Movie 2 years ago. The beautiful voice you hear is Ariel White, who will be making a special appearance in this year’s  nü Icon Movie.  Hearing her sing carries me on a sweet breeze of beauty.

Let’s ride this rainbow adventure together this year!

Join me in this years nü Icon Movie and make your dreams real!


Land in the love of your Iconic Essence! Join us in this year’s nü Icon Movie!



Share the magic! Live the dream!