Love encompasses it all. From our raging fits to our most compassionate acts. Love wears many costumes and headpieces. But, we only really recognize love when we are willing to open to its presence in all situations.

Recently, I was deeply upset about something not going my way. I journalled about it, I spit, I spewed, I cried, I complained, I called my healers, I booked sessions, I hiked in the forest, I ate delicious treats, I took exquisite care of myself, and yet I wondered why I would feel so bad if I made every effort to feel good and why, when I made every effort to have things go my way, didn’t they?

Once all the healing sessions had wrapped up, and it was too dark to go out in the forest, the stores had closed so I couldn’t get any more treats, the pages in my journal were full, all there was left to do was listen. And, listen I did.  I listened to my heartbeat, it was beating. I listened behind the pulse and there was a presence with messages, lessons, stories and teachings to share.

It was in that moment that I realized Love is my Mentor.  Love had lessons for me and I was finally ready to learn.

Laüra Hollick heart

On this Valentine’s Day,  I decided to gather the 10 Greatest Love Lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn. In honor of the ultimate guide, mentor, teacher and healer….LOVE….that lives within each of us.


The 10 Greatest Love Lessons


1. Love is not ruled by your ego

This may seem obvious, but it’s something to really take in. Love can not be fooled, swayed, convinced or negotiated with. Love is love. It isn’t concerned with trends, fads, or being politically correct, it isn’t concerned with the lies or limiting beliefs sold by the ego. It is only concerned with love.  This can be frustrating when your ego has an agenda, but it is also liberating to know you have access to the most pure source of real spiritual truth within you.


2. Love won’t back down, but it’s not pushy

If there is a lesson to learn, or an opportunity for deep healing and spiritual growth, love won’t back down. Love will take a stand for your healing by continuously presenting you with the opportunity to heal, grow, and learn. It won’t force you to face it if you’re not ready. But, it will patiently wait and continue to present opportunity after opportunity until you receive the gift it is offering.


3. Love waits for your permission

You have to choose love. Love will not force its truth on you. It quietly lives under the surface of everything. When you listen for it, you have access to it. When you open the door to it, love opens its doors to you. When you call upon love with your genuine intent, love will surround you, fill you and shower you with its presence. Love is a choice you make. You can give yourself permission to love.


4. Love speaks through the truth

In order to hear the voice of love you have to be willing to hear the truth. The truth is not your ego’s interpretation of something. The truth is love, to see the truth you have to see through the eyes of love.  How does love perceive what is happening?  When you can see through the eyes of love, you can see the truth. When you can see the truth you are fluent in the language of love.



Laüra Hollick Soul heArt. Created with a base of body tracing from her dance community, and collaged with reeds and images.

5. Love will crack you open

Yes, it will!  Love is always on the lookout for spaces to expand and nü territory to explore. It will seek ways to grow you beyond your imagination. Love is also a keener for spotting lies and breaking them. If you find yourself experiencing a heart that is cracking, ask yourself:  What old beliefs are breaking down? Where am I being called to expand?


6. Love hurts when you fight it

The pain we feel when things aren’t going our way, is the pain of placing our ego above our love. The moment we allow love to take its rightful position as our leader, our mentor, our guide we don’t have to fight what is happening anymore, we can simply receive the lessons and learn.


7. Love gives you the courage to do what you’ve never done before

Love is the invisible force that holds your hand when you think you’re standing alone. Love is the tap on your shoulder that says “I’ve got you”.  Love is the whisper in your soul that says “You can do this”.  When you’re aware of Love’s presence in your life, you are free to step into the unknown because love fills you with courage to trust your truth.


8. Love understands gratitude

The word grateful says it all, great-full, full of greatness. Love is a great teacher and when you allow the greatness of the great teacher to enter your life you will naturally feel great-full, grateful. Even in the tougher times, and uncomfortable emotions, love listens for your gratitude because it wants to know if you’re receiving the great opportunity of the uncomfortable emotions and tough times. Are you receiving the greatness that is available to you? Love understands your gratitude to mean you’re receiving the gifts it’s offering you.


9. Love loves you no matter what

Whether you choose to love or not, you are still loved.  Even when you haven’t received the lesson yet, you’re still loved. Even when you block the greatness of love, you’re still loved. When you do see love and receive its gifts you are saturated in its bounty. Either way, you are loved no matter what. But, it’s much more fun to feel the love rather than just know it exists. Love loves you no matter what, but you get to choose if you let it in.

Laüra Hollick Heart

10. You can Love

Despite everything that has happened in your life, all the hurts, grievances and disappointments, you can still love. Your heart is that BIG. You can still love despite it all. When you know the vastness of love you will never doubt your capacity to be enveloped by the river of love.  You can love!


You can love because you are Love!

You have access to the Greatest Spiritual Teacher in the Universe within you!

What lessons have you learned from love?

I’d love to know. Share your Love Lessons in the comments below.  Everyone is a teacher, share your teachings.

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Lots of love to you!

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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