Laüra Hollick | 7 Spiritual Lessons of being the Black Sheep in the family

7 Spiritual Lessons of being the Black Sheep in the family

March 27, 2016

Are you the Black Sheep of the family?

I have certainly felt that way. The feeling of being the outsider broke my heart and left me wondering if there was a place for me in this world. Being the Black Sheep of the family is about feeling like you’re different from others, and somehow misunderstood or unrecognized at a soul level. It can create a sense of disconnection and isolation if left untended.

All experiences offer blessings when we know how to see them through the eyes of spirit.  I would have been annoyed  if someone told me this years ago, because I couldn’t imagine how the pain of being a Black Sheep offered anything at all. But, I’ve since discovered there truly are incredible gifts that come from being the dark one.


If you’ve ever felt like an outsider, or seriously misunderstood or unrecognized, empower yourself with these 7 Spiritual Lessons!


The 7 Spiritual Lessons of being the Black Sheep in the family


1. Cultivate your Inner World

When you are the black sheep of the family you often feel disconnected, alone and isolated. As difficult as this is, it also creates the profound opportunity to cultivate your inner world. Being alone creates the breathing room to access the deeper crevices of your soul that may otherwise be hidden behind the distraction of socializing.

Practice cultivating your inner world by listening deep within and get to know the landscape of your soul.


2. Recognize your unique perspective

Black sheep are often shy and can easily doubt their point of view because it is not the common way of perceiving the world.  Learning to recognize your unique perspective as a gift rather than a source of pain is the beginning of healing the hurt of being an outsider.

Practice listening to your Self. Recognize your unique perspective and honor yourself for having your own point of view.


3.  Learn to use your voice

Having a unique perspective comes with the profound responsibility to share it.  This can be challenging for Black Sheep because they are shy and not used to people listening to them or taking them seriously.  It is essential to learn how to use your voice and strengthen the bridge between your inner world and the outer world. I personally have taken voice lessons for over a decade to strengthen my voice and exercise the feeling of energy moving from within me to outside of me. Even though it can be scary to use your voice, I truly believe the ones who have a unique perspective also have the spiritual path that involves connecting it.

Practice using your voice by saying what you truly think and feel.


4. Challenge yourself to be understood

Don’t let the excuse of “People don’t get me” to run your life. There is a spiritual opportunity for you to not only practice using your voice but challenge yourself to be understood. Being understood requires clarity and personal mastery. It requires understanding yourself and your unique point of view to such a high degree that you can speak about it and make links so others can understand it too.

Practice expressing yourself and seeking to find clarity in your ideas so they can connect with others.


5.Heal the wounds that make it fearful to connect

When you’re trapped in the belief that it is unsafe to connect with others because you perceive they won’t understand you not only hurts you but it withholds your gifts from the world.  To shift this there needs to be a conscious decision to heal these beliefs. Black sheep have some healing to do, there are fears harboring in the realm of disconnection.

Practice being conscious about what you’re afraid of and seek the loving support necessary to heal these wounds.


6. Let go of the identity that you need to be different to be special

One of the subconscious ego benefits to being the Black Sheep is you actually get an identity from being the outsider. Being the outsider is a position within a social group, in other words it can give you a place in the world. Even though it is an unpleasant feeling to be disconnected, there is a subtle high that feeds the ego when you feel special and different from others. When you let go of the need to be different to have an identity and a sense of value, you can open yourself to true connection and the opportunity to share your gifts with others.

Practice valuing yourself simply because you are, not because you’re different.


7. Go beyond separation consciousness

I believe the majority of our world issues today are a result of separation consciousness. Separation consciousness is about perceiving the world through the lens of disconnection. This means disconnection from others, disconnection from the earth, disconnection from source energy and disconnection from love. When we live in a perpetual state of disconnection we are fearful because the feeling is one of scarcity and lack.  True prosperity and abundance comes through wholeness which can only be accessed through the experience of connection.  To go beyond separation consciousness we must be willing to recognize that we are connected and strengthen those bonds.  This is the greatest spiritual lesson for Black Sheep!

Practice seeing all the ways everything is connected and you’ll melt the walls of separation consciousness.


The journey of the Black Sheep is a journey of discovering yourself and learning how to connect your uniqueness in the world!

Which one of these spiritual lessons are you ready to practice?

I’d love to hear about it! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Black Sheep can offer great wisdom in the world, because they have a unique perspective. But in order for the world to benefit from their gifts the Black Sheep must learn the spiritual lessons so they are ready to connect and share.

Help a Black Sheep find their way. Share this post, you could change someone’s life which will ultimately evolve our world!