Are you a journalling nut like me?

I love to process ideas in my journals. It helps to bring clarity, insight and opens the channels for inspiration and profound transformation.

The reason why I love journalling so much is because it is a safe way to let your deepest emotions and thoughts pour through without judgment or restraint. When you allow that kind of freedom you naturally open yourself for deeper insight and inspiration.

People often ask me how is it that I create so much. A huge part of my prolific nature is due to the fact that I journal daily. Journaling keeps my energy clear and my creative channel open.  See how journaling can work for you.


I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a journaling nut!

This is a photo of me surrounded by 100’s of my journals.  Experience the power of journaling for yourself. Try my Top 10 Journaling Questions for Transformation.


Top 10 Journaling Questions for Transformation


1. What’s on your mind?
Give yourself permission to unload, vent, list, spew, and indulge. Simply allow whatever is on your mind to flow.

2. What do you feel in your body?
Be specific. For example: My upper thigh feels clenched. My left hand is hot. My ears are plugged. My stomach is relaxed, etc…

3. What is wonderful about your life now?
Create a solid anchor for your journaling session by acknowledging what you love and feel grateful for in your current life experience.

4. What is happening in your life right now that you don’t like so much?
Be honest. If there is something not working for you, acknowledge it. Don’t worry about being negative. Honesty is neutral and opens space for transformation.

5. What do you want to transform or change in your life?
Knowing what isn’t working in your life gives great clues about what you want to transform. Write about the shifts you want to experience in your life.

6. How would your life be different if you transformed?
Let your imagination guide you. Dream into your desired shifts and see yourself glowing with transformation.

7. What emotion are you resisting?
Dig deep for this one. Honestly look at yourself and notice if there is anything you’re avoiding feeling or using addictive behaviors to cover up.

8. What would it take for you to feel safe to experience the emotion you’re resisting?
Pause and listen. Ask the wise one within yourself what you need to allow this emotion to breathe and move through. When we resist emotions, we block our transformative powers.

9. How can you create an opportunity to feel the emotion you’ve been resisting?
Be brave and creative. Your journaling can open space for a wildly transformative experience. Imagine possibilities.

10. What insights or ideas stand out from your journaling session that you want to integrate into your life?
Acknowledge the insights and seek ways to integrate them into your life. Take it from the pages to your life.


Journaling is a beginning. It creates space for deep transformation to take root in your life.

I’d love to hear the insights that came to you through your journaling session with my Top 10 Journaling Questions for Transformation. Share your insights in the space below.

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