I spent 3 glorious days guiding 5 of my Shaman Level students, from the Soul Art Certification, in an intimate gathering and creative process to seed their dreams into reality and activate the next level of vision for their creative life and career.

The Shaman Intensive is an invitation only gathering for those working towards the Shaman Level in the Soul Art Certification who exhibit the readiness for their Shamanic Initiation to take root and grow in their life. The Soul Art Certification journey is rich with many layers and colors that honors the natural creative rhythm within each person. Going to the Shaman Level is a spiritual calling to go the depth of your unique artistry and transformational power by working with all the elements of the earth and all the colors in the rainbow.

Joining me for this Soul Art Shaman Intensive is Anita Josephine Wales from Denmark, Brenda Nickolaus from Florida, Jacqueline Hiew from Switzerland, Sandie Hum from California and Valarie Vargo Endemann from Ohio.

We entered a fertile womb of creation during our 3-day Intensive to seed dreams for the year ahead.

Explore our Soul Art Shaman Intensive through this photo gallery. You can click on each image to see it larger.

I’m still basking in the beauty of our deep soul-level connection and the magic that stirred through our creative process and sacred ceremony.

We journeyed through epic rain to have it clear at just the perfect moment for us to seed our dreams in the forest.  Our art stood proud amongst the trees as we adorned ourselves in ceremonial cloaks and headpieces.  The whole Shaman Intensive feels like a blessing with ripples of love reverberating out in all directions. I’m filled with oceans of gratitude.

The Shaman Intensive is made available to students working towards the Shaman Level in  the Soul Art Certification.  Explore this transformational program and listen for the call of your creative spirit.

Learn about the Soul Art Certification and all 4 Levels of this creative spiritual journey.


Registration for the 2016 Soul Art Certification is now open.
Claim your spot today and go all the way to the Shaman Level!


Share the magic of this colorful Shaman Intensive.
There are blessings woven throughout all these images.
May they spark your spirit to remember the joy and power of your creativity.



Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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