For the past 5 years I’ve been exploring the Iconic Essence, along with thousands of others from around the world through my global projects like the nü Icon Movie and the Global Vision Quest.

This summer 3 students from my year-long nü Icon Program, Marcia Moore, Stacie Shepp and David Bruce Bryan, and one local nü Icon Patricia Gagic, joined me in my Soul Art Studio for an intimate Intensive to explore and express their Iconic Essence.

This collection of images captures the behind the scenes journey as we excavated, explored and expressed the Iconic Essence.

We journeyed through a series of creative processes to connect with the Iconic Essence. We included the elements of nature to act as Elders on our path to full embodied expression. We practiced getting comfortable in front of the camera by playing with our cell phone cameras. We had a Fire Ceremony to release and ignite the energies ready to be transformed. We performed a series of rituals to unearth the full capacity of the Iconic Essence. And of course we had an Iconic Essence photoshoot with photographer Kevin Thom. All in all the nü Icon Intensive was deeply nourishing on so many levels, we connected deep within and expressed with wild expansiveness!

Follow our nü Icon Intensive journey through these images…


The Iconic Essence is the expression of our soul embodied.

The Iconic Essence is the unique medicine that each person brings to the world through their presence, the wisdom gathered from their life experience, and the realization of their sacred offerings that connect and circulate their gifts with the world.

These 4 final images capture the Iconic Essence of Stacie Shepp, Marcia Moore, David Bruce Bryan and Patricia Gagic.  When looking at these images, notice what you learn and understand about each person through their embodied expression.

Imagine if each person you met expressed and embodied their Iconic Essence. Imagine how your life would be different if you expressed your Iconic Essence with everyone you met.  I believe our world would transform in the most magical and profound ways if everyone had access to their Iconic Essence and the courage to fully express themselves.

Do you want to explore and express your Iconic Essence?

Watch for a guided nü Icon journey to be released in the New Year!

Are you getting ideas for your Iconic Essence from looking through the behind the scenes nü Icon Intensive?
I’d love to hear about it. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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