With the US Election reaching a head I’ve been feeling such a swell of emotion, as I’m sure many across the globe are experiencing. Something big is unfolding…

Even though I’m Canadian, and not technically part of this election, I’ve been watching the debates and following the roller coaster ride of it all. At one point I asked myself “Why, am I so interested in this election?”, and “What is luring me in?”

I feel the election is mirroring a deeper subconscious in our collective consciousness. It is showing us our shadow and the cracks where light can get in. There is a rise of the feminine that feels unfamiliar, and we wonder if it is trustworthy. There is also a fear-based patriarchal model stomping its feet demanding attention.

I’m not here to tell you which way to vote, but rather offer you a fresh perspective when it comes to making big decisions in your life.

Whether you’re about to make a decision to determine who will lead your country, or whether you’re deciding whether or not to go back to school, or end a relationship, or have a baby, or move, or go for your dreams, all big decisions challenge us to ask deeper questions.


Deep Roots

As a global culture we’re being given the opportunity to ask deeper questions that will ultimately shape the unfolding of our world. Whenever I have tough decisions to make I turn to Nature and my Inner Guidance System. I gather the information needed and I process it through a filter of deeper contemplation. To support you in the process of making big decisions in your life let’s look to the wisdom of nature and see what it can offer us.

4 Wise Tree Teachings to help you make big decisions


1. The roots determine the shoots

When looking at trees you see what is above ground, but the above expression only exists in parallel with the roots supporting it from below. If you want to create a beautiful life you need beautiful roots. When it comes to making decisions notice what is in the roots of your thoughts and feelings. For example, when you make decisions rooted in fear, ugliness grows. When you make decisions rooted in love, beauty grows.

What is in the roots of your thoughts and feelings regarding this decision?


Winter Tree

2. Everything has a season

Trees can dazzle us with their full head of leaves, they can also bare the intricacy of their branches during the winter chill.  When making big decisions, always remember there are seasons for everything, there is a time for summer and there is a time for winter. Your choices create seasons, they create waves of experience. For example,  when you choose to stay in a frozen pattern you shiver in the winter. When you choose to branch out from the norm you make space for a new harvest to develop.

What season do you want to create in your life right now?


Yellow Forest

3. Stand Tall in your Truth

Trees are majestic. They stand tall, they offer protection from the sun and shielding from the wind. When you’re making big decisions listen to your truth and stand tall in what honors your inner majesty. Truth is always rooted in love. You’ll know you’re listening to the Truth within yourself when you feel love swell in your soul.

What honors your soul?


Rainbow Trees

4. Be part of the whole

Trees don’t grow in isolation, they rely on the health of the soil, the quality of the air, the creatures that live in the forest, the sun, etc…

When making big decisions consider how what you’re doing is part of a bigger ecosystem, everything effects everything else. As you contribute the best version of yourself, you contribute your best to society, which supports the whole.

How can your choice support the health of the whole ecosystem?


I imagine there are many more wise tree teaching we could gather. I’d love to hear if you have any more brilliant teachings you could offer from nature’s guidance. Share in the comments below.

Empower someone in the midst of these challenging times. Share Tree Wisdom for the Election with your friends.


Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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