I want to start this post with a bit of a warning: this may be confronting, this may press your buttons and this may seduce a deeper part of your being that has been long forgotten. If you can accept this, then please keep reading….

Today is the day I’ve had circled in my calendar for weeks. I’ve been counting the days until this full moon, this point of ripening in a very long journey.

This is the day to unfurl the wings of a dream I’ve been carrying in my womb called the Yoni Art Project.

The Yoni Art Project is a call to ripen the true power of women on our planet by reconnecting us with the root of our divine feminine energy. It is an initiation to un-numb, heal and grow into our potent potential as creative beings.

Over this past weekend, I connected with a group of people from around the world for a workshop. I was so excited about this Yoni Art Project that I proudly shared details about all the amazing things that are about to kick-off, like the Yoni Personality Quiz, the Yoni Art Coloring Book, the Yoni Art Gallery and the Guided Yoni Art Course. Speaking about the project had my heart fluttering with excitement!

One lady, in particular, listened intently as I swirled in delight with my sharing. Then, she kindly directed her gaze upon me and asked, “What is a Yoni?”


My heart sank, the fluttering turned to flapping as I realized not everyone knows or understands the meaning of this sacred word and how (r)evolutionary it is to each of our lives.

So, just as we are all born with the innocence of not knowing, I want to honor the true beginning of this profound journey with an invitation to ponder this one very potent question:

What does Yoni mean to you?


Today is the day to start the conversation. To awaken the awareness, the curiosity, the desire….

Take a moment to think about this potent question and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Be part of a global conversation! Share this potent question with your friends.

Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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