Laüra Hollick | 10 Ways to Mother Yourself

10 Ways to Mother Yourself

May 13, 2018

Mothering takes many shapes and forms.

As an adult you may be a mother to babies, art projects or entrepreneurial ventures. But, more than anything you are a mother to yourself.

Part of growing up is learning how to care for yourself and tend to your own needs.

Whether you have a Mother Wound, or a great relationship with your Mom, you’ll be presented with the daily task of mothering yourself to make sure your needs are met and you’re watching out for your own best interest.

Everyone needs mothering. Mothering is that nurturing process that helps someone grow. In this case, that someone is you.

10 Ways to Mother Yourself 


1. Listen to how you feel

Take the time to listen to yourself. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and discern what your Inner Self is trying to communicate with you.  When you block yourself from listening or judge the feelings you’re having, you are self-abandoning. Self-Mothering is the act of showing up for yourself and listening with a loving ear.


2. Make self-care a priority

Tend to your needs in the most generous way possible. Self-care includes the way you eat, the quality of your sleep, the types of environments you place yourself in, the kinds of relationships you engage with and the kind of thoughts you think. Self-care is the process of caring for your body and soul so you can grow into the full expression of yourself.


3. Believe in yourself

See yourself in a loving light. Know your own heart and trust in your own brilliance. Believing in yourself is about seeing yourself as the beautiful being you are.


4. Nourish yourself

Find out what makes you feel good from the inside out. Notice what foods enhance your body and what thoughts feed your soul. Nourish on the things that make you feel good. Learn the difference between real nourishment and addictive patterns.  Watch out for yourself to ensure your choices are supporting real growth rather than false illusions.  Real nourishment feels good during and after. False nourishment creates relief during and makes you feel bad after.


5. Create sacred space for yourself

Mothering by nature is about sacred space. It all starts in the womb. When you’re mothering yourself you need to create a sacred womb space for yourself.  Create a space where you feel safe, and you’re free to let your guard down. Cultivate a sacred space within yourself as well as your environment.


6. Celebrate yourself

Notice the little things. Recognize the moments when you choose love over fear and celebrate these evolutionary moments. Acknowledge the steps you take each day towards your dreams and celebrate yourself. Look directly into your own eyes and tell yourself how proud you are of the things you’re doing. Truly celebrate yourself!


7. Respect your growth

You have a rhythm and pace all your own. Respect the time it takes you to learn and the process you’re on. Your growth has its own genius, show your respect.


8. Encourage yourself

Life has its ups and downs. There are challenges partnered with every experiences. Encourage yourself so you stay on track and keep moving in the direction of your dreams even when things get tough.


9. Be kind to yourself

You’ll make mistakes, and you’ll goof up sometimes. Learn from these experiences and be kind to yourself. Guilt and shame don’t help you grow, but kindness is like water to a thirsty garden.


10. Stand up for yourself

Take the time to listen to what is true for you and own it. Stand up for yourself and take a stand for love.


Which Self-Mothering tip feels most relevant for you?

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