For the past few years, my creative cycle has led me to some longer breaks away from the computer so I can drop deeper into the cave of creativity to birth the next creation.

Even though I gave myself full permission to take the time I needed, by going on creative sabbaticals and taking trips, I did feel a bit guilty about it. I felt like I should be “on” all the time. And it simply is not possible or healthy for anyone.

I think this is a symptom of our culture, the habit of constant consumption, and the patriarchal ideal of productivity over balance.


Even though I teach about the creative cycle, I have to take a sip (or gulp) of my own medicine too.


When I tune in and listen to the Divine Feminine she is perfectly at peace with being in the dark cave underground where no one can see her, just as much as she is perfectly at peace with shining brightly in her full flowering.

Unfortunately in our culture, it seems only the flowering stage is celebrated.  So, I hope I can model for you what it looks like to live both. And, I hope this creates a bit of a budge on the guilt complex in the collective consciousness about living in sync with our creative cycle.


For now, I’m heading to Iceland with my creative soul mate Kevin Thom to go into the cave of creation.

We’ll be travelling through epic nature to be nourished and do creative photoshoots and filming for an upcoming project.


I won’t be sending newsletters or making many posts on social media until this stage of the cave cycle is complete.


Kevin and I have been filming for this project for over 2 years now.  It started in Iceland 2 years ago, and we filmed in New Zealand this past October, and now we’re going back to Iceland to complete this project.  I will share more about it when I return in the Fall.


In the meantime, I created this little poetic video about going beyond logic and seeing through the eyes of our soul. This is really about saying farewell to the old paradigm, of logic and linear thinking, and creating space for the nü paradigm to reveal itself through our soul vision.


If we are to create a nü paradigm we need to see through the eyes of our soul.



I’ve been experimenting with recording vocal transmissions, so, for the first time I included my own vocals in this piece of music. Kevin Thom produced the music weaving my voice in so I could sing with the whales.

There will be more whale music to come.


For now I say farewell…

Farewell to the old paradigm, farewell to be guilted by logical ways of living, and farewell to being “on” all the time.

Even though you may not see me in the logical, linear ways, like the newsletter or social media, I imagine we’ll meet up in dream-time and I’ll tease you with some visions I’m birthing to inspire the creation of our nü paradigm.

Sending lots of love to you!


Something that would really warm my heart and touch my soul…

Share a magical wish you have for the nü paradigm in the comments.


Something about how you imagine the nü paradigm to be,  how are we living,  connecting with each other,  eating,  resting,  working,  thinking,  being,  etc…

It would mean so much to me to bring your wishes and dreams with me while I’m in the cave of creation!

Thank you, and farewell for now!


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Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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