I love endings just as much as I love beginnings. To start something is to be fueled with the energy of possibility. To complete something is to be filled with the full harvest of an experience.

As the doors to 2018 are closing and the New Year is knocking, I am relishing in the resplendent reflection of this amazing year.

Here are my Top 10 for 2018. May these inspire you to complete your year with caring contemplation….


1. The Spirit of Water

Water was my Spirit Guide for 2018. I was called into the deep emotional waters of my soul this year.  I had the opportunity to face my deepest core wound that had been lurking under the surface for decades.  I eventually surrendered into the flow (after some kicking and screaming) and experienced a radical cleansing and purification.  My inner being received deep, replenishing hydration this year.

Lesson learned: I can flow with life.



2. Vagina Whisperer

2018 was the year I became certified in Vaginal Fascia Massage by the Vagina Whisperer herself Tami Lynn Kent.  After the birth of the Yoni Art project in 2017, I was eager to take my “Yoni Art” work to the next level. It was fascinating to see how my art and life evolved after this training.

Harvest: I am now certified in Vaginal Fascia Massage.



3. Community Paintings

2018 revealed a new art form for me to play with: Community Paintings.

I discovered the concept of Community Paintings while working on a large scale painting about Soul Family.  I realized the large painting was symbolic of the entire Soul Family/ Community, and if I cut it up into pieces I could experience the individual parts that make up the whole. These became Community Paintings.  I sold dozens of individual paintings from the Community Painting series this year.

Lesson Learned: The individual is part of the whole.



4. Connecting with Amazing People!

I’ve been a lone wolf most of my life, and happily so, I might add. But in 2018, my solitary feathers were called to connect with the flock.

I had the glorious opportunity to connect with so many incredible people this year including: Q’orianka Cornejo from Peru, Jane Cormack from Scotland, Devon Walz from California, and Leah Guzman from Miami in my studio during this years International Soul Art Day; epic people from the States and Iceland during the 40 Years of Zen Intensive in Seattle ; Jen Mazer, Tatiana Dellepiane, Nomi Correli, Dana Canneto, Maya Azucena, Lainie Love Dalby, and Emerald Peaceful Greenforest during our New York Dance video shoot; Janine Landtwing from Switzerland, Dechen Kata from Holland, Antoinette Bishop from South Africa and Elisabeth Orfilia from France during our Soul Art Workshop;  Kuba my long-lost cousin from Poland, and may more inspiring interactions with people from around the world with the most beautiful hearts!

Harvest: Epic Global Soul Family connections!



5. The Great Release

This was the year I let go of over 500 of my journals. It took me over 20 years to amass such a collection of journals, and around 3 weeks to shred them all. My whole studio feels 1,000 pounds lighter as a result. And, of course, I’m making something with all those journal shreddings. You’ll have to wait until 2019 to see what “The Great Release” has produced.

Lesson learned: I let go easily.



6. Sacred Space

I gave myself over 5 months of Creative Sabbatical this year to deepen, ripen, root, heal and feel.
I challenged my beliefs about who I thought I needed to be in order to be successful, and I released decades of fear, limiting beliefs about what I thought it took to be successful.

Lesson learned: Success is living in sync with your soul.



7. Cities

I’ve always been a nature girl. I could spend hours sitting in a meadow or under a tree getting lost in the timelessness of natures splendor. But, oddly this year I felt a magnetic pull to explore cities and the structures of society.

I traveled to New York, Seattle, Portland. Reykjavik, and Chicago (as shown in this image with the famous public art piece called Cloud Gate, also known as the “Bean”).  There was definitely something different happening for me this year, as I felt called to explore areas in my life I had previously resisted, like cities, people and the way we all work together.

Harvest: I let myself explore unexplored areas.



8. 40 Years of Zen

I stepped into the future in 2018 during an intensive brain bio-feedback training in Seattle called “40 years of Zen.”

Leading neuroscientists developed these cutting-edge brain bio-feedback pods to train our brains to go into deeper and more prolonged states of meditation.  I learned we have 3 brains in the body: the mind, the heart and the gut. When all 3 brains are working under the same leadership, we enter a state of flow.

Lesson learned: Being in a state of flow is about being in alignment.



9. The Sacred Medicine of Love

I learned and re-learned the lesson that Love is my true leader. If I thought I knew this before, I learned it again in a new way in 2018. I learned that love isn’t about being nice all the time. Sometimes love is about showing your claws so you can stand up for yourself. I discovered that my love is precious and deserves my respect.  When I can respect my own truth, I am able to connect with people from an authentic place. Even if others disagree with me, I am safe in the shelter of my love.

Lesson Learned: Love is my safety.



10. Celebrating 10 Years with my Creative Soul Mate

Kevin Thom and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary this year.  I first met Kevin when I interviewed him on my radio show “The Artist’s Lifestyle.” After that fateful interview he told me to pack my bags because he was taking me on a date. We ended up flying to California for the week, and our relationship officially began. This year we flew to Iceland to celebrate and continue our epic journey together.

Harvest: Marinating in soul mate love is the absolute best!



2018 has been my most tender and nourishing year yet.

The year was filled with wild creativity, emboldened soul truth, raw awareness and courageous stretching into new territory.

I hope this inspires you to reflect on your year and harvest your gems from 2018.


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