If you have the ability to sense things, and you can feel deeply within your own body  and the people and space around you, you probably have high levels of Energetic Intelligence.

Energetic Intelligence is the ability to feel, sense and know things based on energy.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Emotional Intelligence, which is the ability to be conscious of emotions as a valid form of communication.

Well, Energetic Intelligence is about being conscious of energy.


Energy is an essence based language. 


Essence is made up of the elements of your soul. When you’re cultivating your Energetic Intelligence you’re learning the ways your soul speaks. You’re also learning the way soul speaks through life and others.


Energetic Intelligence is about being in conversation with life at a soul level.


Some of the great benefits of Energetic Intelligence:

  • Intuition
  • Insight
  • Inspiration
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Higher Self Awareness
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Depth of feeling
  • Emotional range
  • Heart-based bonds with others
  • Ability to know things without proof
  • Ability to sense what is invisible to the eyes
  • Access to Inner Guidance
  • Meaning
  • Purpose


It is through Energetic Intelligence that you’re able to access the experience of your own soul. Energetic Intelligence gives you the ability to discover what is unique about you, express it, and embody it.


 If you want to know your unique purpose, gifts or artistic expression, cultivating Energetic Intelligence is paramount!


Level 2 in my Soul Art Certification is called Energy Mapping.  Energy Mapping is about cultivating Energetic Intelligence with simple creative practices.


I’d like to teach you a very simple practice we do in Energy Mapping called Energy Sketching.


Energy Sketching is a way of sketching out the energy we feel and sense. It isn’t about making a pretty picture. It is about connecting at an energetic level and expressing the essence you sense.

I’ve included some examples of my own quick Energy Sketches. These are some Energy Sketches I did to help me understand and process the energy of a challenging situation.

Although these sketches may not make sense to anyone else, they make sense to me, as they speak directly to my energy, like a soul signature.

When cultivating your own Energetic Intelligence, you have to trust yourself, and let go of external judgements in order to gain access to the purity, innocence and accurancy of energy.


Try it for yourself…


5 Steps to Cultivate your Energetic Intelligence with Energy Sketching


1.Choose your focus

Decide upon something you want to focus on. For example: If you are experiencing a current challenge in your life you may wish to focus on it to gain some clarity, perspective or resolution. Or, perhaps you’re having the time of your life with a new relationship and you want to explore the energy of your relationship.

What do you want to focus on for your Energy Sketching?


2. Connect with the energy

Once you’ve chosen what you want to focus on. Give yourself permission to explore the energy of the experience. Feel into it, notice how you experience it, is it a feeling in your body? Is it a picture in your mind? Is it a memory of the past or dream of the future? Is is hot? cold? etc…
Allow yourself to be fully present with it.


3. Sketch the energy

Once you’ve brought your full presence to your chosen focus, sketch it.  If it eels dense, sketch density. If it feels spacious, sketch spaciousness. If it feels frozen or flowing, sketch what you sense. Don’t worry about your skill of drawing, you can do this blindfolded if you like. The important thing is to record what you sense and give expression and visibility to the energy.


4. Receive communication

Be with your Energy Sketch(s). Notice what you notice, without projecting judgmental conclusions onto your Energy Sketches, simply notice what they are communicating. For example: “Oh wow, I see how tangled up everything is,” or, “It is really flowing with ease.


5. Circulate energy

Once you’ve received communication, you are able to respond to the energy with a new level of awareness. Perhaps you’ll have new questions to ask yourself, or perhaps you’ll receive an insight about something that can help your situation, or perhaps you simply give yourself permission to feel fully the energy that is present with you at this time. Allow the energy to move in the ways you’re guided.

Well done!

You just cultivated your Energetic Intelligence!


Now, I’d love to hear from you….

Share in the comments below, one thing you learned about your Energetic Intelligence.

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