If I could have stayed in a cave and created art and communed with nature all my life, I would have done it.

But, money wouldn’t let me.

The need to make money, to survive, to pay the bills forced me out of hiding and into a spiritual healing journey that continues to teach me about myself and the true nature of wealth.

It was money that made me face the real meditation practice facing my life. Facing the things that scared me… connecting with people…. and finding a way to heal my heart.

Money has taught me many lessons along the way, and although money is not my God (or Goddess) I consider money to be one of my greatest Spiritual Teachers.


7 Spiritual Lessons I learned from Money


1.Hiding isn’t spiritual

I used to think I was being spiritual by detaching from the world. But, the truth is I was hiding and avoiding the pain of disconnection. Money taught me that a true act of spiritual courage is about showing up for life and facing the things that scare me. Money gave me the chance to look at my challenges as opportunities. I discovered the things that seem the most difficult are actually doors to my destiny.

If you want to empower your relationship with money, you have to come out of hiding and start facing your life.  Show up for your life and money will show up for you.


2. Connection is Currency

Money flows through people. If you have money issues, I would venture to guess you have people issues. Start looking at how you feel about people. Explore the ways you connect with people and you’ll surely uncover the root of your issues.   Money is a human creation, so if you want to make money you have to get familiar with your humanness and be willing to connect with other humans in a way that satisfies your soul. Money forces us to look at our relationships and cultivate empowered connections with others so there is a healthy space for money to flow and circulate between us.


3. Having more isn’t the solution

I used to fantasize about having more money. I would imagine that having more would somehow put me in a better position and make life easier.  Although I do believe it is important to make money (in our current societal structure) and it’s important to have more than enough to live out your destined life, I have also discovered that having more doesn’t change who you are… it only magnifies who you are. If you’re a worried person, having more money simply makes you more worried.  If you’re a generous person, having more money simply enables you to more generous, etc…

Having more isn’t the solution to your money problems. Being more of the person you want to be is the way transform your money experience. Practice cultivating the habits and behaviors of the type of person you want to be and money will meet you there.


4. Be Bigger than Fear

Money can bring up all a whole basket of buried fears and insecurities. Every time you put yourself out there, share your gifts, make an offer and open yourself to exchange money, you risk rejection, failure, and the embarrassment of “doing it wrong.”  In other words, money can bring up your deepest, darkest fears. To transform your relationship with money you have to be bigger than your fears. You have to find the place within you that believes you can. You have to find healthy ways to honor your thoughts and feelings and not let them stop you for being the person you came here to be. You have to turn to love to guide you.

Money requires you to be bigger than your fears and strengthen your faith in love.


5. Know what the money is for

Money flows where there is gravity. Gravity comes from purpose. When you have a purpose for money, it will gravitate towards you.  Get clear about why you want money, and you’ll be magnetic to money. Your true purpose is your soul’s calling. Give yourself permission to own your true path and you’ll become the source of a gravitational pull so powerful that the money tides will turn in your favor.


6. Money mirrors you

Money reflects your energy.  If you hate money, it probably won’t stick around. If you build a loving relationship with money, you’ll feel at home with money. Look at your money dynamic as a reflection of your current energetic state. Thank money for this gift, seeing your reflection is like meeting your very own Guru. There is no judgement in it, just the opportunity to be present with what is.

Be willing to look at your reflection as a source of information. With information comes choice. With choice comes ownership. With ownership comes the opportunity for true wealth.


7. Your Heart is your Money Guide

Your Heart knows what is best for you.  But, you have to believe in love to hand over the reigns.  To access your clear Heart, you may have to do some healing. Do the deep work to let your Heart take the reigns and rule your rich royal life!

Love is the source of true wealth.



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