Within you there is a beautiful being that has the innocence of a child and the wisdom of an elder. It’s funny how we can loose sight of our wise innocence when caught in the gnarly grasp of a tough situation.

When tough emotions or interactions arise, it is easy to drop into old patterns that leave us pouting, paralyzed or outright powerless.

The next time you find yourself in a tough situation, try these 3 potent questions to reconnect with your wise innocence and remember your power.


3 potent question to budge a tough situation


1.  What is the current situation?

It is imperative that you clearly and consciously understand what is happening. Bring your presence to the situation so you are clear about how you feel, what you think, what patterns are being activated and how your body is responding. Your ability to bring presence to the situation will start to soften the edges and create breathing room for it to budge.


2. What is the spiritual opportunity within this situation?

Let yourself stretch and see where there may be space for your healing and growth. Does an old pattern want to shift? Is there a re-frame that needs to happen? Is this situation giving you the opportunity to speak your truth, or heal a past wound? Do you have the opportunity to learn something new?
Give yourself the chance to truly listen for the spiritual opportunity embedded within this situation.


3. How can you embrace your spiritual opportunity?

Once you’ve identified your spiritual opportunity, seek ways to include it in your life. Is there anything you need to do, not do, practice, learn, let go of, express, etc.?
Aim to identify at least one clear action or practice that will ensure you embrace and integrate your spiritual opportunity.

Feels good, right?!

Even though it can be challenging to learn new skills or open doors to new possibilities, it feels a thousand times better than being stuck in the rut of a yucky dynamic. Embracing the spiritual opportunities in your life will enrich your life-force energy and strengthen your inner foundation to support the life of your dreams.

Feel free to use these 3 questions any time you find yourself in a tough spot, and see how empowered you become!


I’d love to hear from you! Share in the comments below:

What spiritual opportunity is presenting itself in your life now?


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