Ever wonder how some creative people just flow and flow with inspiration, while others struggle to squeeze out one inspired idea?

It’s all about the channel.

Your channel is the instrument in which your life-force energy move through.


Your channel includes 4 main quadrants:

  • Your emotional body
  • Your mental body
  • Your physical body
  • Your spiritual (essence) body


If you want your creative energy to flow with inspiration you’ve got to exercise your channel by actively clearing out the residue from unprocessed emotions, old thinking, non-supportive body practices, and denial of your innate intuitive guidance.

As you clear your channel, you make space for energy to flow. The more your energy flows, the more inspiration freely moves through you.

So, let’s get your channel flowing with a waterfall of inspiration…



The athletic side of being an artist, or any form of creative pursuit, involves caring for your channel. That means processing your emotions fully, aligning your thinking with your truth, nourishing your body in ways that light you up, and actively listening to your spirit with the intent to honor your inner guidance with courageous action.

To experience your very own creative channel tune-up, take a trip through the four quadrants of a healthy channel and give yourself permission to press into the spaces that need your care.

Your Creative Channel Tune-Up

Clear your emotional body

  • What’s the toughest emotion for you to process?
  • What is this emotion trying to communicate to you?
  • How could you support yourself to receive the gems embedded within this tough emotion?


Clear your mental body

  • What thoughts diminish your sense of self-worth?
  • What triggers you to think these thoughts?
  • What do you need to heal, shift or transform for these thoughts to be more supportive of your true beauty?


Clear your physical body

  • What is your relationship with your body?
  • What is the current state of your physical body communicating to you?
  • What does your body desire for it’s optimum happiness?


Clear your spiritual (essence) body

  • How does your spirit communicate with you?
  • Can you cultivate more intimacy with your spirit?
  • What inspired messages can you courageously act on today?

Clearing your creative channel starts by bringing your awareness to the 4 quadrants and tending to each with loving care and attention.

I hope these questions sparked some powerful movement in your energy. Don’t be surprised if you experience the full ignition of your next brilliant idea!!


I’d love to hear from you…

What quadrant of your channel needs the most loving attention?  Share in the thoughts below.

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