Inside of you is a little one. The one who remembers. The one who knows your heart. The one who knows who you really are.

You catch glimpses of this little one when you feel joy swell up from within. You also see this little one’s reflection in the mirror when a wound tugs at your heart.

This little one is your Inner Child.


Your Inner Child is both the source of immense joy, and the carrier of deep unprocessed emotions like sadness, grief and anger.


Imagine coming into the world with all the light and brilliance of your little one and encountering experiences when that light was not seen, recognized, respected or cherished. Those are heartbreaking moments that freeze memories of unprocessed emotions into the heart of the Inner Child.

As an adult, those unprocessed emotions can start to thaw and activate a profound healing process.


Connecting with your Inner Child is a call to discover your greatest gifts and heal your deepest wounds. 



This is a photo of Little Laura in a snowy field near my childhood home. She always loved being in nature and imagining worlds into being. She enjoyed sitting quietly and noticing the world around her. She would gather up all she witnessed and organize her observations into magical tales.

She still lives in me. She is the one who inspired me to write this blog post and bring attention to the little one in you. She is the one who sparks creative ideas and calls them into reality.  She is the one who watches the world with curiosity and listens for hidden messages within what is happening.  She’s my Inner Child.


Getting to know your Inner Child brings a wealth of joy to your life and awakens feelings that haven’t been fully felt.

If you want to unearth your greatest gifts, you’ll have to tend to the wounds in the one who carries your treasures.

It all starts by getting to know your Inner Child.

How to get to know your Inner Child:

  • Notice what makes you come alive.
  • Listen to your inner most thoughts and feelings.
  • Create time and space to play and explore.
  • Pay attention to how your body responds to food and people.
  • Look at your eyes in the mirror.
  • Laugh about something ridiculous.
  • Surrender to a magical tale.
  • Express yourself creatively.
  • Give yourself permission to simply be yourself!

How you know if your Inner Child has some unhealed wounds:

  • You feel unclear about your unique path and purpose
  • You don’t know how to make decisions
  • You are being triggered in your present day life
  • You loop in stories of the past
  • You use childhood coping strategies as an adult
  • You feel overwhelmed by the pressures of life
  • You crave care and attention
  • You feel foggy about your feelings
  • You are stuck in situations you hate
  • You feel trapped and co-dependent
  • You feel invisible and unappreciated

Your Inner Child holds the key to your greatest gifts and your deepest wounds.

Want to connect with your Inner Child?

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Your Inner Child is both the bearer of great gifts and the holder of historic wounds.
Liberate yourself and birth a new chapter in your life.



Let your Inner Child be heard and felt. Share your thoughts in the comments below:

What lights up your Inner Child?

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