Connecting with your Soul Family is one of the most nourishing and enriching experiences you can have.

I originally created this guided visualization for “Calling in your Soul Family” as a ritual to call in my Soul Family for this year’s International Soul Art Day. Once I felt how simple and powerful it was, I decided to record it for you to call in your Soul Family for the next level of creation in your life.

I hope this will bring a special magic to your life.

And if you are called, I hope you’ll join our Global Soul Family for this year’s Soul Art Day!

I invite you to *Save the Date*…

International Soul Art Day is coming up on June 5th.

I will be sending out a formal invitation to you soon.

International Soul Art Day is our annual global event where thousands of people gather from around the world to create art together for the day.

It’s a total Soul Family Gathering!

Mark your calendar and see you in the creative vortex of this sacred event.


Everyone benefits from soul-level connections!

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Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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