Trying to be polite and positive when you’ve got complaints is tough.

As a creator, you’ll surely journey through the full range of human emotions in order to birth your creative babies.

Learning how to consciously complain is an essential tool to keep the energy moving.

I believe complaining is a natural human function that serves a very important purpose. The trick is understanding the purpose of complaining so you can elevate your life rather than getting stuck in the gutter.


3 Steps to Whine with Wisdom and Complain with Class


Stop looping and start listening

Complaints are there to tell you something. It is your job to listen and get to the truth underneath the complaint.  To whine with wisdom and complain with class means taking responsibility for how you feel and being curious about the authentic message buried within the complaint.

To stop looping and start listening, you have to practice listening to what is going on underneath the complaints. Those nagging complaints won’t let up until you hear the truth of what they’re saying and authentically care for the true need.

Here are some journal questions to help you stop looping and start listening:

  • What are your current complaints?
  • What bothers you about these things?
  • What specifically upsets you?
  • Why does this upset you?
  • What feelings does this bring up for you?
  • When else have you felt those feelings?
  • Does anything need to be healed from the past so you can be fully present with this current situation?
  • What do you believe would make the current situation better?
  • Is there anything you need to learn from this situation?
  • Is there anything you need to take responsibility for within this situation?
  • What is your authentic need?
Take care of the true need

Complaints are always trying to care for you. They are not there to victimize you, or make you a nagging, negative nuisance. If you feel victimized, your complaining is still in looping mode, and you haven’t fully heard what is underneath. Go back to step 1 and dig a little deeper to find out what is under the surface of your complaints.

Only when you’ve reached the authentic need, will you feel your complaining energy start to budge and move into the empowered place where you can address the true need.

Once you’ve identified the true need, explore empowering ways to care for your true needs.

Release the residue

Complaining is like inflammation: when done repeatedly it will build up in your body with a stickiness that clogs the system. Conscious complaining will minimize the stickiness, but it still requires some release.

Once you’ve respectfully taken care of the true need underneath your complaints, be sure to round it off with some self-care.

Find loving ways to care for yourself to keep your energy clear and present.

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