Creative ideas are like money: there are millions floating around. But, if you want creativity to flow through you, you have to open to it, you have to respect it, and you have to let it through.

Every artist will have their own practice for how they discern which ideas to act on, and which ones to let someone else realize.

For me, it is energetic. When I receive an inspired impulse, vision or idea, I feel tingles through my whole body. There is an electric current that is undeniable. When this happens, I don’t even question it, I simply move in the direction I’m guided and get to work!

Most recently, the spark of inspiration led me to sew together copious amounts of rainbow felt.



The vision came as an idea for a new mini-course I’m birthing called “Heart Awakening.”

In the vision I saw a giant butterfly emerging from its cocoon with radiating rainbow wings in the shape of a heart.  As it started swooping into the sky there was a sweet soul sense that love was awakening and expanding with a swell of certainty. Yes, yes, yes!!!

So I got to work making those radiating rainbow heart wings!



In the midst of the creative process I can always tell if I’m on track when the deeper, primal emotions start surfacing.  Sometimes it’s ecstasy. Sometimes it’s rage. In this case, it was total core-shaking giggles.


A storm of rainbow felt stirring up some serious giggles in the midst of the creative process…


Watch for the fully realized vision when I release my new mini-course “Heart Awakening” 


As I’m weaving together the final touches, I’d love to hear about what touches your heart!

Share in the comments something that touches your heart.

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Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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