Exploring your Primal Power starts by understanding what it means.

Let’s break down the words to gain greater understanding.

Primal means original.

Power refers to a super-charged energy source.

Your Primal Power, your original source of super-charged energy, is Love.

Love is the original energy source.

If you want to increase your Primal Power….increase your capacity for love!

3 ways to increase your capacity for Love


(1) Get to know your Heart Language

Your heart speaks in ways that resonate with your soul. Your heart always has your best interest at heart and will guide you to your highest unfolding.  Getting to know your Heart Language is about getting to know the ways your soul speaks. What lights you up? What makes you feel like yourself?

Your heart language is the true expression of you.


(2) Clear Obstructions to Love

Your Primal Power flows effortlessly when love is unobstructed. When there are blockages in the channel, your Primal Power can quickly become your Primal Pain.

Clearing obstructions creates space for you to discover what you’re truly capable of when your heart has free reign!


(3) Create a life that expresses your Love

Give yourself permission to explore what your life looks like when you put love in the leadership position. Find creative ways to express your love and be committed to connecting your unique expression with the world.



Put these principles into practice and….

Experience Your Heart Awakening!

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Your Primal Power is Love!


I’d love to hear how you’re increasing your capacity for love…

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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