Money touches a primal place within.

Currently we live in a culture built around money as the means of survival. So, whenever money fears, worries or issues flare up, it will feel like your survival is being threatened in some way. Money hits that root-level sense of safety and security.

For Creatives, money creates a few more hoops to navigate. To start, our culture holds a belief of the “Starving Artist.” Although this is gradually changing, it still presents an energetic wall that Creatives must climb to reach a place of Financial Wellness.  Another hurdle Creatives have to maneuver is the very nature in which the money system is built. The money systems are set up to support productivity and people who have proven outcomes. This presents a challenge for Creatives, because the very nature of being creative is about taking a journey into the unknown. Our money system doesn’t know how to quantify the value of journeying into the unknown (yet).

So there are a few things stacked against Creatives from the start.

But, that is no excuse not to create Financial Wellness. We’re in changing times, and Creatives are part of that change. Creatives are the ones who are forming new ways of being, new thought patterns and yes, new money channels too!

It is totally possible for Creatives to go from surviving to thriving. It just requires exercising a few powerful qualities and putting them into practice.



I’ve put together a list of 4 powerful qualities to help you create Financial Wellness as a Creative Being. When you develop these qualities and put them to the test, you will experience profound shifts in your money experience. They will give you the chance to face outdated belief systems and re-orient yourself to the truth so you’re led from the right source. These qualities will set you up for success in a whole nü paradigm kind of way!

Creatives, it’s time to thrive!

4 Qualities to Cultivate Financial Wellness for Creatives


This is the first quality to cultivate, and in many ways it’s the hardest. Cultivating trust will break old patterns of dependency on a system that doesn’t work, and restore you to a system that does work.  Place your trust in your inner truth.  Most people are taught to trust what is proven and known. But, if you want to thrive as a Creative, you have to trust your inner guidance system and your own truth. You have to believe that what you’re sensing and feeling within is reliable information to guide you safely in this world. This means you’ll need to develop a practice that helps you build a relationship with your inner truth, so that trust can grow.

I use Soul Art, journaling and being in nature as my way to build a relationship with my truth, and cultivate that core quality of trust.

What practice(s) help you cultivate trust in your inner knowing?




Safety is a body experience. It is a state of embodied ease. It is a state of being open and receptive to life. It is a state that grows from the soil of trust and flowers into a great opening.

To cultivate safety, you’ll need to know what safety feels like in your body. It is not intellectual, although it may be wrapped up in belief systems. Safety is a feeling, and thus you must care for your body to sense and feel true safety.

Someone could have ll the locks and barricades in the world guarding them and still feel unsafe. Only when one feels safe in their body, does one actually feel at ease.  So that brings forth the question, how do you create safety in the body? That is the question you will have to explore to cultivate the quality of safety.  When you know what safety feels like, you’ll be able to identify situations that feel unsafe and make adjustment accordingly.

There may be some healing involved to detangle old wounds and traumas when you were unsafe and didn’t have the means to support yourself. There may also be some somatic processing to allow your body to feel in new ways.

To cultivate the quality of safety, I practice deep listening within myself, Core Belief Engineering for transforming old beliefs, somatic awareness practices, exquisite self-care practices, and hiking in nature.

How can you cultivate safety in your body?




Money is like the blood of society: it flows and connects us with each other. When there are money issues, there are often people issues, and a fundamental questioning about belonging. When we feel like there is a sacred space for us in the world, we typically don’t feel money issues. But, when we don’t know where we belong, or we worry if anyone will “get us,” or we wonder if there will be enough people who will want what we offer, we are not feeling a sense of belonging.

In order to cultivate a sense of belonging, you’ll need to explore your family roots to see if there are any wounds around the way you connected in the family unit that need healing. You’ll also need to find ways to cultivate community for the person you really are. Again, growing your roots in the soil of trust, you have to know who you are, believe in yourself, and trust yourself to be able to meet people at that level.  To truly belong, you have to be willing to show up as the person you truly are.

To cultivate a sense of belonging there are 2 parts:

  1. You have to know your true Self.
  2. You have to cultivate community with people where your true Self can exist with ease.

Interestingly, a lot of the new paradigm business teachings speak about finding your Tribe. I liken this to cultivating a sense of belonging. Find and create spaces where you can be yourself.

How will you cultivate a sense of belonging in your life?




Money likes it when you honor it with your respectful attention. That means listening to it, understanding it, and learning about it. To cultivate financial wellness, you need to make friends with money. This means healing any hatred or resentment you may have towards money, or any mistrust you may have with money, and finding a way to make friends with it. Or course there is corruption in the world, but that doesn’t mean that is the kind of money relationship you need to engage with.  When you’re friends with money, you’ll want it in your life, you’ll welcome its teachings, and you’ll be curious about the things that make you both happy.

How will you make friends with money?



Now it’s your turn!

Share in the comments below what Financial Wellness step you’re on now.

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