There are a lot of crazy things happening in the world these days.

It’s easy to get swept up in it all and forget what really matters.


What really matters is your true nature and your inner truth.

While the world is swirling in a sort of madness, here’s a creative spiritual checklist to stay sane in a crazy world:

44 ways to stay sane in a crazy world

  1. Connect with nature
  2. Know what “natural” feels like
  3. Cultivate ease in your body
  4. Process deep emotions to keep your energy clear
  5. Listen to your truth
  6. Exercise your courage by acting on your truth
  7. Take risks for what matters
  8. Don’t follow trends
  9. Make up your own mind
  10. Do your own research
  11. Keep your body clean and clear
  12. Eat foods that nourish your truth not your addictions
  13. Think of yourself as part of an ecosystem rather than an isolated island
  14. Release what you no longer need
  15. Laugh as much as possible
  16. Find meaning in your current challenges
  17. Be willing to learn new things
  18. Take time to rest
  19. Practice being present with yourself and others
  20. Be kind when you feel lost
  21. Let quality be a measure of success
  22. Look to nature to teach you about beauty
  23. Put your heart in the leadership position
  24. Exercise your brain with deep thoughts
  25. Value your feelings as information about what matters to you
  26. Create space for your creativity – it’s your life force energy
  27. Face what is hard with a soft touch
  28. Strengthen the places where you’re easily swayed
  29. Know what you think so someone else doesn’t tell you what you think
  30. Grow your wealth by being more of who you really are
  31. Take care of what needs to be taken care of
  32. Sing to give yourself an inner massage
  33. Find people who it’s fun to have eye contact with
  34. Give your dreams the Olympian in you
  35. Show up for your life as if you paid a lot for the ticket
  36. Challenge yourself to be yourself even when it’s not popular
  37. Appreciate what is unique about other people
  38. Respect your time and energy
  39. Invest your energy into things you want to grow
  40. Discover what lights you up from within
  41. Do more of what lights you up from within
  42. Give people the chance to know you
  43. Don’t expect it to be easy, but challenge yourself to find your flow
  44. Dare to live a life you’re proud of


How will you stay sane in a crazy world?

Share your favorite sanity tip in the comments below (from this list or make up your own)!

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