Remember that Receipt Dress I made using a decade of my money receipts?!

We’ll we’re hitting the road and heading to New York to do some creative photoshoots with this crazy costume in some of the most money-centric places in the Big Apple.

“Why?” you may ask…

Well, I think it is time we got really conscious about our relationship with money. There are so many layers of mis-guided, out-of-date, and down-right dysfunctional behaviors and patterns connected with money.

Although there is a fair amount of insanity surrounding money, there are also a lot of incredible things about money. The thing that excites me the most about money is the opportunity to expand our consciousness about they way we circulate energy with each other. Money is a method of exchanging value and circulating energy. I’m interested in exploring ways we can circulate energy to empower ourselves, others, and the world.



When I first started collecting my money receipts over a decade ago, it was simply an attempt to become more conscious of my own relationship with money.

Money and I have had some highs and lows over the years, but the one constant in my money relationship is the intense curiosity about the perceived power money holds. Why is it that we believe our survival is determined by money?  Why does money hit such a primal nerve? How can we be empowered with money? These are the kinds of things I think about.

Creating and wearing the Receipt Dress feels like adorning myself with a crown of my own diligent pursuit into total honest observation of my relationship with money. When I wear the Receipt Dress, it’s as if I get to see life through the lens of money.

This little video shows the making of the Receipt Dress….



The Receipt Dress takes Manhattan!

As I venture into the Big City with the hope of expanding my money awareness even more…

I’d love your help!

Tell me your money thoughts and questions.

I shared some of the money thoughts and questions I think about like:

  • Why do we believe our survival is determined by money?
  • Why does money hit such a primal nerve?
  • How can we be empowered with money?


What are your money questions?


Please share your money thoughts and questions in the comments below.

Thank you in advance! It means a lot to me to hear your thoughts.

I’ll let you know what unfolds when I return from the Big City.


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