Creative energy is life-force energy.

If you want to take your creativity to the next level, you need to take divine care of yourself so your body has the capacity for more life-force energy to flow through you.

I didn’t always get the concept of self-care, in fact, I used to feel guilty if I wasn’t working all the time. I used to feel like I’d be perceived as lazy if I spent the day doing nothing, or lounging in the sauna. I’ve learned over the years how this way of thinking is conditioned from a patriarchal (production-value-based) societal structure, rather than the truth of how creative energy, and life-force energy, actually works.

So, if you’re ready to shake the out-dated societal beliefs and increase your creative capacity like never before, this post is for you!

5 Self-Care Tips for Creatives

1. Expect it to be awkward before it is graceful

Learning any new skill takes extra focus. It can be clumsy and take ten times longer when you’re learning something new. I remember the first time I made my own fresh green juice, it took over an hour. I had to figure how the machine worked, how to select and organize the veggies, figuring out the balance of flavors, and then cleaning up, I needed a nap at the end of it all.

But now, I can easily and joyfully create a fresh juice, including washing veggies, juicing and cleaning up in under 15 minutes and I look forward to it as my morning routine. So expect it to be awkward before it is graceful.

Give yourself 1-2 weeks to try a new practice to find your flow.

2. Explore & experiment

There are so many self-care practices. It all depends on what resonates with you. You have to be willing to try things to know the difference between what is a “yes” and what’s a “no” for your self-care toolkit. Over the years, I’ve experimented with many things, and out of that some regular practices have developed and some were total one-hit-wonders!

I’ve included a list of some unusual things I’ve tried, and a list of things that started as experiments and have become regular practices.

Self-care practices I’ve experimented with:

  • Float tank
  • Salt cave
  • reflexology
  • facial acupuncture
  • yoga
  • Acutonics
  • sound therapy
  • brain wave training
  • womb massage

My regular self-care practices (emerged from experimenting):

  • oil pulling
  • tongue scraping
  • dry brush massage
  • clay baths
  • colonics
  • infrared sauna
  • yoni steaming
  • flower essences
  • rolfing
  • earthing
  • magnetic mattress
  • jade roller
  • neti pot
  • juicing
  • drinking diatomaceous earth
  • alkaline water with crystal energy drops
  • rebounding (jumping)
  • hiking in wild nature
  • high quality skin care products from Living Libations
  • high quality beauty products from Beautiful on Raw
    (my favorite are Venus cups!)
  • Space to be where nothing needs to happen.

Try things to find out what resonates!


3. Routines & habits

The best self-care practices are the one you actually do. In order to find your flow and continuity with self-care you’ll need to develop routines and habits. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I think if you’re excited about something, you’ll want to do it and it becomes a habit on its own. Give yourself the opportunity to find out what you love to do by trying things and once you find what you love, do it and do it again and again. Your self-care practices need to integrate with your life, so they aren’t some extra thing, but they are just simply part of you being you.

Make it a habit!


4. Enjoy it!

There is nothing worse than feeling like you have to add another thing to your to-do list with an already billowing book of tasks. So, if you don’t enjoy it, it doesn’t make the list of self-care practices. It needs to give you energy, rather than take energy . Now, that isn’t to say that some practices need to be done a few times to get the hang of it so they become enjoyable. But, if you’re dreading doing your self-care than you may want to check your belief system about self-care or nix that particular practice and explore other options that are a better fit.

It needs to feel good!


5. Notice the benefits

It will be easy to take divine care of yourself when you can clearly see the benefits. As I have introduced more and more self-care practices into my life, I am am happier, healthier, and I actually get more done with greater ease.  Notice how your self-care practices are supporting you and elevating your life in magical ways!

See your life improving!



Now, you’ve heard my 5 Self-Care Tips for Creatives, do you have any tips or practices you’d like to add?

Share your favorite and/or most unusual self-care practice in the comments below!

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