When you’re a kid, your energy field is wide open.

In your innocence, you naturally take in everything in your environment like a sponge. You have no concept of individuation or boundaries yet, so whatever is happening around you feels like you.

Your formative years shape your developing body by laying the foundation for your adult life.

If you have any mysterious body symptoms as an adult, a great place to look for answers is your own childhood experience.

For example, if your parents had unresolved issues or traumas, your body surely picked them up to some degree. Or, if you weren’t allowed to express your emotions, those emotions will still be in you, although they might be a bit stagnant.



In Soul Art, we do a process called Bodymapping, where we use art and creativity to access the inner truth of the body and the ways it is offering soul communication for your well-being.

Your body is a memory bank of past experiences.

The more you hear the true expression of your body, the more you can heal and become the person you want to be, rather than the person you became by default.

Give yourself a few minutes to journal with the questions listed below to awaken a conversation with your body and soul.

5 Bodymapping questions to unlock your truth

1.What body issue(s) are you currently experiencing that hinder your full expression, beauty and/or success?

2. When did your body begin trying to get your attention about these issues?
(Go back as far as you can remember)

3. What was happening in your life at the first sign of these symptoms?

4. What do you believe your body is trying to tell you through these symptoms?

5. How can you help yourself now?

These are simple and deep questions. Give yourself the chance to really hear yourself and honor your inner voice as it speaks to you.


I’d love to hear something you learned from your body through these questions.

Share a body insight you received in the comments below.

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