A Soul Art Shaman is someone who works with art and creativity as a way to connect and commune with the divine.

One of the creative practices I play with is embodiment art. Through embodiment art, I can literally become the art and feel spirit moving through my physical body.

I love creating costumes, headpieces, and sacred art objects, along with creative photoshoots as a ceremonial embodiment practice.

This behind-the-scenes video shows my Soul Art Shaman creative photoshoot….



With each creative photoshoot, there is a blend of internal and external creation time. 

I am typically on my own creating solo before a photoshoot. This is when I gather my ideas, visions and make the elements needed to bring the vision to life.  Then on the big day of a photoshoot, team gathers to help realize the vision in a tangible way.

For this Soul Art Shaman creative photoshoot, I worked with photographer Stephanie Pehar and makeup artist extraordinaire Alannah Mason.

We started my ceremonial makeup by highlighting my forehead and third eye chakra with an other-worldly blue, and added lash extensions to heighten my eyes.



I had been collecting and gathering hand-dyed wool, threads and feathers for years to bring this vision to life. Each piece in the costume has symbolic significance for me, whether it was given to me, or purchased while traveling around the world.

Bringing the costume to life was pure bliss to me.

I love working with my hands to make things. Especially in our digital-dominant culture, I find myself increasingly appreciating the tactile experience of using my hands and tangibly making things.



Making art puts me in a meditative state.

The balance to all the internal processing I do in my solo-creative process happens through the externalized expression in the photoshoot. The whole process unifies my inner and outer worlds into a final image that captures the expression and embodiment of a particular essence I’ve chosen to focus on.

In the case of this creative photoshoot I focused on expressing and embodying the essence of the Soul Art Shaman.

This is my favorite completed image from the shoot….



The love the blend of dynamic movement and stillness captured in this Soul Art Shaman expression.

The direct eye contact gives a place to enter the image while also providing a place to rest amongst the swirl of color energy.

As I expressed and embodied the Soul Art Shaman, I felt a union of oppositions happening between my inner and outer world, along with movement and stillness.



I’d love to hear what the Soul Art Shaman expression sparks for you?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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