Another robust year filled with lessons, layers and love!

I relish in the annual tradition of reflecting on the year. There is so much that happens in a day, let alone a year. Through the process of reflecting, a bigger story reveals itself and gives meaning to the greater unfolding of this time.

I hope my Top 10 List will inspire you to reflect on your year and harvest your gems.  I’ve included a worksheet at the end of this post to help guide you through a year-end reflective process.

Here’s my Top 10 for 2019…


1. A Community of Hearts

I had a dream at the beginning of the 2019 where I saw a giant painting of hearts representing a community. I sketched the vision upon waking from this dream and wondered what it meant for me. I sat with that vision for a while. Then, during International Soul Art Day, I realized The Community of Hearts I had envisioned was the community of people  who were called to go deeper into their Soul Art journey. I was inspired to realize this vision by making the giant painting. I then gifted the individual hearts from the painting to people who registered for the Soul Art Certification this year.

A Community of Hearts taught me that sacred communities are spaces where you can connect with others simply by being yourself.



2. Connecting through Art

Art has often been a solo venture for me. I’ve reveled in my meditative alone time in the studio. I still love that!  But, this year opened a new level of pleasure in the process of connecting with others while making art. There was a new level of depth, intimacy and mystery that I deeply enjoyed as I created art with others.

Connecting through art taught me how fun and fulfilling it is to be in the creative zone with people!




3. Deep Tissue Cleansing

I’ve always felt that if you’re going to channel high-frequency art and insights, your body has to be able to handle that high-frequency energy flowing through. As a result, I’ve always considered nutrition to be one of  my Olympic-level training tools to keep my art and business at the highest level possible.

In 2019 I took this to a whole new level!

I did 3 ten-day juice cleanses–that’s 30 days of consuming only fresh-pressed juices. I also spent another 30 days consuming only green food (for the chlorophyll liquid light). I studied with Natalia Rose to go to the next level of cellular integrity, and traveled to New York to experience a colonic from the “Godfather of Colonics,” Gil Jacobs (very insightful), along with over 20 colonics locally to keep my system clean and clear.  In other words, this was the year of deep-tissue-cleansing!

Deep Tissue Cleansing taught me that my body is my vehicle for transmitting my essence in the world. It is my honor and privilege to care for my body with the highest level of care and respect.



4. Art, Glorious Art!

Art has always been my way to process life, create new ways of being and simply experience profound pleasure.  This year I explored new mediums (like felt fabric in this image), and gave myself permission to indulge in the soul food of art purely because I love it. I believe I had done this before, but this year took it to another level.

Art continues to teach me about the power of our inner resources.




5. Art as Activism

This year I started mentoring with Von Wong, the Artist Activist. Through our sessions, I realized that I want to use my gift of art, creative expression and insight to make real change in the world.

At the same time I was invited to be part of a creative project called Tears & Tulle, as seen in this image above. The concept for the project created by Gina Bell, is to empower women’s unique expression. She shipped a rainbow tulle skirt around the world and asked women to do photos with the skirt to express female empowerment. I was so delighted to be invited to be part of this project. When I received the rainbow tulle skirt I wanted to create an image that reflected that female empowerment is currently in the dream state where we can literally dream a new world into being.

Art as Activism has taught me that art has power to reach people in ways beyond logic.




6. Inspiring People

Over the years I’ve created a bucket list of people I would love to meet, know or experience their brilliance in a live setting.  This year, I had the chance to see 4 of the people on my list: Stephen Colbert, Jane Goodall, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. As I had the chance to sit in audiences with these inspiring people, I was taking deep breaths as I was hoping to share oxygen with them.

Experiencing inspiring people has taught me that we’re all on a journey, and the best contribution we can make is to be the fullest expression of ourselves.



7. Your Money Sovereignty

I launched my new course called “Your Money Sovereignty.

This was a monumental project that has been 20 years in the making. I started the project by transforming 20 years of my receipts into a Receipt Dress. Now, this has evolved into a full guided journey for others.

There is a new era of financial wellness and personal empowerment coming into the money streams, and I am honored to guide a transformational journey to help other people find their Money Sovereignty.

You can learn about and sign up for Your Money Sovereignty here!



8. Ritual Super Powers!

Ritual works on the energetic level to shape-shift reality and create sacred space for new ways of being to exist.

I feel like my whole life is a giant ritual, and yet this year I feel like I took it to another level. I found myself weaving ritual into the back-end organization of my business, team processes and of course with all my teachings, courses and workshops.

I learned that rituals have super powers!



9. Intimacy

Intimacy is the sacred space where you can let your guard down and allow your greatest vulnerability to become your strength.  My relationship with Kevin has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life, and this year we dropped into a deeper space of intimacy. My heart sings with delight at the very thought of our connection.

Intimacy taught me that it really does get better and better and better and better!





10. Raw and regal

I have to say the process of aging is something I’m not entirely comfortable with, but I’ve been trying to find my way with it. This year I decided to simply show up for myself exactly as I am. I have allowed myself to be more raw, real  and natural while finding ways to fall in love with myself in that state.

Being raw and real showed me that that the roots of our regalness is fed by our naturalness.



What about you?

Give yourself the gift of reflecting on your year. Download my Top 10 for 2019 worksheets to uncover what shaped you this year and how you’re carrying the gems of this year into the future.

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