Today marks my 27th day of juice cleansing. Originally I was planning on going for 21 days, but as I got into it, I realized my body was ready to go way further than I’ve ever gone before.

I’m going to go for 44 days! 

I’ve done a number of 10-Day juice cleanses over the years, so this is a big step up for me. 44 days will be my longest juice cleanse to date.

Throughout the cleanse so far, there has been a waterfall of insights and divine messages pouring through. I’m simply flowing with them all, and letting them guide me. I’ll share more as everything integrates.

In the meantime, try my latest nü paradigm juice recipe:

Divine Dragon Dazzler Juice

3 Cucumbers*

4 Celery stalks*

2 Lemons*

2 Limes*

1 Granny Smith Green Apple*

1 Whole head of Purple Cabbage*

12 Dinosaur Kale Stems*

7 Brussels Sprouts*

2 Arugula handfuls*

3 Fennel tops*

1 Ginger Root knob*

4 Parsley Sprigs*

2 Mint Stems*

**Makes 2 mason jars of juice


Your taste buds will be delighted by this Divine Dragon Dazzler juice!

The flavor is a blend is sweet and spicy all in one….a total show stopper!
You’ll be blown away by how completely delicious this is. Try it!


I absolutely love juicing, and I know we all have unique ways of caring for our body.
I’m curious what makes your body sing with soul frequencies?


Share in the comments something you do to keep your body and soul singing together.

Inspire someone today! Share my 44-Day Juice Cleanse Recipe with your friends.


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