Guess where these gorgeous flowers grew from?

You guessed it….poo! Well, nature’s poo is more like a fertile bed of nutrients from which just about anything can grow!

But, it is a form of poo nonetheless.



If poo has the power to grow such beauty, how did it get such a bad rap?


If you mention poo or farts to children around the world, there is a universal response of giggles. And, at the same time, most people (especially women) keep their experience of poo very private.

In my own life, I struggled with digestion as a kid. I was labelled a “picky eater” and “complainer” when it came to food. Unfortunately, the true power and purpose of poo was not widely understood or considered at the time, and so I didn’t deal with my digestion issues until later in my life.


In my 20’s, I had an epiphany while looking at a pile of compost, nature’s poo…


I realized if I wanted to create the life of my dreams and flower my full potential in the world, I needed a fertile ground from which to grow.

I realized our bodies’ ability to give us a fertile ground to grow came from our ability to absorb nutrients, process and digest life and alchemize what we experienced into health.


This is when the profound power and purpose of poo became crystal clear…


If you want to grow flowers in your life, you’ll need to look at how you’re digesting your life, and the ground from which you’re growing.


If you want to grow flowers in your life, you’ll need to look at your poo!



So that is what I did, and my cleansing journey began.

That was over 10 years ago now, and since then I’ve learned a lot about poo!


Our poo has the power and purpose to….

  • Reveal our bodies state of health and well being.
  • Show us how we’re digesting life.
  • Give us clear clues about how our inner organs are functioning
  • Expose how our whole body is working together as a team (or not).
  • Demonstrate to us whether or body is in a relaxed or stressed state of being.
  • Display the foods that truly feed us and the foods that don’t.


When our poo is in a healthy state, it lets us know our body has the inner ground to grow glorious things.


All this insight about poo has inspired me over the years, and after 10 years of study, training and first-hand transformation, I eventually birthed the nü Icon Cleanse with 10-Day Juice Cleanse.


If you have BIG Flowers to grow in your life, the nü Icon Cleanse is for you!



The nü Icon Cleanse with 10-Day Juice Cleanse is your sacred space to do the deeper inner work so you and your body can restore trust together and you can grow the life of your dreams.

If you know you’re here on the planet to contribute and grow your glorious gifts, give yourself the opportunity to create the inner ground that can enable you to truly grow.


The nü Icon 10-Day Juice Cleanse begins on June 1st!

Get all the details and sign up now!


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