Every challenge is a gift in disguise.

The trick is figuring out how to see past the disguise to expose the gift.

This got me thinking about the challenges we’re currently facing, and wondering…

What’s the spiritual purpose of Covid-19?

As a Soul Artist, my daily practice is about looking at life through the lens of my soul.

When I look at Covid-19 from my soul’s perspective, I see a gorgeous garden of gifts.

3 Great Gifts from Covid-19


For a society that tends to think more than it feels, we’re being confronted with a swell of emotions. Deep, difficult emotions are surfacing and demanding our attention. Emotions like vulnerability, grief, fear, and insecurity are rising to the surface. We can’t just sweep them under the rug as usual and distract ourselves with our to-do lists. The feelings want to be felt. To feel is to be in your body. To feel is to surrender control and accept the natural rhythm of life.

As we feel, we restore our connection with ourselves and we become whole again.


2. Space

With a huge percentage of the world in lock-down, we suddenly have space. We’re not rushing around with our demanding to-do lists whipping us into shape. We’ve stripped away all the things we used to do, like zipping around here and there, picking up a convenience dinner, or flying away on some trip to get that Instagram shot in front of the Eiffel Tower, or flipping through magazines to find out who’s wearing what. Instead we’re home with ourselves.

What an amazing opportunity to come home to ourselves and take the time to tune-in to what truly lights us up!


3. Re-think Reality

Covid-19 is brilliantly exposing how crazy our society has gotten over the past 50+ years in the way we consume, grow food, shop, place money as a higher value than people, exploit nature, produce copious amounts of garbage, live in completely unsustainable ways,  distract ourselves with empty stuff, and waste our time knowing more about celebrities than we do about our own soul.

Covid-19 gives us a chance to re-think reality and contemplate the kind of people we want to be moving forward into the future.



So what is the spiritual purpose of Covid-19?

When you look at this global pandemic through the eyes of your soul, there are many transformational opportunities sprouting up.

This isn’t to dismiss genuine pain, or the very real challenge of this experience. This is to acknowledge that challenges come with gifts, and you can give yourself permission to find them!

What gifts are you discovering?


Share in the comments below what gifts you think Covid-19 is offering.

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